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outdoor clothing:The Chinese Embassy in Indonesia was transferred to the Indonesian Red Cross in Jakarta on the 8th to assist the Indonesian government to make a rescue work in the earthquake-stricken area of ​​Longmei Island and helped the people in the disaster area. The Chinese Embassy in Indonesia said on the donation ceremony. In order to express the deep friendship between the Chinese government and the people, the Chinese Embassy represents the Chinese government through the Indonesian Red Cross, 2000 tents▷●▼○, 2000 floor mats=▷■, 5,000 Improved materials in the disaster area such as blankets. He also transferred to the Indonesian Red Cross to the China Red Cross, the 100,000 US Emergency Humanitarian current integration assistance. Xiao Qian said that in this earthquake, more than 40 Chinese tourists were trapped. All Chinese tourists have successfully evacuated to safety under the joint efforts of both China and Indonesi?

Original title=▷: Resisted 17 “mental disability” neighbors Source: China News Week is a minimum of policies, while the owners self-policy of security and property is in the deadlock. Some owners of Hualian City Panorama Community protested the mental disabled family staying in the community. The 17-house neighbor conference room is chaos•▷★. One side is the cadre of the Ministry of Housing and Treasury, which is Ding Dingqing■▼-◆, as a party group, side, is an emotionally excited community owner and tenant representative. Both sides have already discussed many discussions because of the speech of mental illness. As the publics concern is increasing○◆, both feel certain pressure, and those who apply for this public rental house are not negotiating○□□★. Here is Baoan District◁▪◆, Shenzhen○-○▪. On July 18◆▪▷, there is a Huahangcheng in progre.

On March 13, the State Council Institutional Reform Plan was asked for consideration of the 13th National Peoples Congress. According to the program, after the reform▽●■◆, the State Councils positive ministerial institutions decreased by 8, and 7 deputy-level agencies were reduced◇••=. In addition to the Office of the State Council▼●, there were 26 components of the State Council◁☆△○. Adjusting the National Social Security Fund Board of Board=●●■. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang Yili●=▷☆.

Original title: Who is the member of the 10th National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference? Cover Journalist Xiong Haoran Duirui Beijing Great Hall East Gate One of the “main battlefields” of the news war-•…■. This channel is the only way to list the Ministers of the State Council of the National Peoples Conference△△▽. Every year, “National Two Sessions”, there are reporters to interview with the Minister of this ★▲…”Square○-△”△-▲. This channel is also referred to as “ministerial channel▼◁”. Data Source: Xinhuanet Xin Wen Studio This year=■□□, ▪□”Minister Channel▽•” added new content. On March 1st▽◁○★, the 13th National Committee of the National Peoples Political Consultative Conference issued a news, according to the arrangement of the General Assembly, scheduled to March=▷.environmental preservation.