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econyl yarn:[Global Network Comprehensive Report] On June 19◁●▲•, 2018, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson hosted a routine reporter meeting△◆▪, and there were reporters asked, recently, the French Senate Foreign Affairs▪◇★▲, the Defense and Military Commission issued an assessment report on the “One Belt” initiative. It is proposed that France should participate more actively participate in the construction of “all the way”☆▲, and play an important leading role in the middle of the Europe■▪□. what opinions do the Chinese have on this issue●▼◆○? In response☆•, the Chinese pays attention to the relevant reports published by the French Senate, expressed their appreciation and welcome to the positive will of the French Party in the “One Belt”. “A band all the way” is an open-inclusive international cooperation initiative, pursues the principle of contending, building●□, sharing, and participating in the country can play a role…•▲. In the specific cooperation, we pay attention to the comfort of all parties, pay attention to maintaining open transparency★•▼▷, follow international recogniti◇■.

Zhongxin Net Guanghan May 28 (Reporter Yue Yi Tong) “Gold Forged into the sheet, make the decoration or use of the surface of the bronze machine or alone, is a feature of Samsung Golden, this feature is in Henan Zhengzhou Mall Site, It can also be seen on the golden apparatus of Hubei Wuhan Panlongcheng Site and the Yin Ruins of Henan Anyang. “Recently☆▼, the Party Secretary of the Archaeological Cultural Academy of Peking University, the professor Chen established in Sichuan Guanghan. Chen Jianli said that the method of using the golden device is actually one of the main features of the Shang dynasty and the main characteristics of the golden community affected by the merchant dynasty. It is compared with the practice of the northern grassland to the human body decoration. Very different. Half of unearth.

Original title: He hits the Japanese aircraft! The sister wrote to the Japanese wife, shocked the whole world fabric company Upcycled Marine Plastic! Dont forget the heros source: The cow piano time returns to Wuhan, 80 years ago, when a harsh, an urgent air strike alert…•, 54 Japanese military aircraft have approached the sky ●☆…… Unbelievous is that Wuhan citizens do not show If people are fearful, people have already embarrassed on the street ..★◇△▲. There is a woman named Chen Wei△◆. She looked at her brother Chen Huaimin driving aircraft to a Japanese military plane▷●▪! The hero is falling, Chen Huaimin is only twenty-two years old▲▷■-! His mother cried his eyes, unmarried girlfriends into the river, and sister Chen is chosen to write a letter to the Japanese wife!

Original title: 2018 National Council Member Feng Xiaogang: Calling for an increase in the support of young director (Reporter Zhang Wei) at the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference today (March 6)★△, The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the director Feng Xiaogang□★▽, said that the lack of hot and young director talents in the movie market has a huge contrast, calling on the National Press and Public Application Radio, Film and Television Film Bureau to take more funds from the annual film special fund◁●, and cultivate the youth director More support. Feng Xiaogang analyzed that the current movie market is very hot. When he took “Party B” in 1997▼○▲, the Chinese annual box office was only 800 million yuan, and in 2017, the National Film Box Office was close to 60 billion yuan. In contrast, it is the lack of youth director talents●-▲. This is also current mov post consumer recycled!

Source: Legal Evening Repair Original title: Corruption acceptance of bribery sellers fishing faces the next level and the people they are called “a master” legal evening newspaper news (Reporter Dong Zhenjie) In July 2018, Anhui Provincial Department of Justice Original Party Committee•-=, Deputy Hall Long-distance ruling is sentenced to 17 years in prison, and the penalty is 4 million yuan. The official of the male female girl in the public security, making many police officers□■. The reporter finds that many corrupt officials have been exploded in the officialdom or facing the people before falling, and this phenomenon is called ◆◇•”a master”•▼▷. =◁”One Skate▼△▷” brings ▼…”overbearing culture” and personal parties, pollutes the style○-, and destroys local political ecology. For example, Cheng Yi-▪□, the Hefeiyuan Public Security Bureau, Liaoning, “Female”, Luo Yaping, Xinzho▽△?textile buying office – sustainablpolyester!