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recycled product – textile solution.functional fabric:Original title◁□: Yang Yuanqing representatives: Implementing the entry threshold of child teachers★◆○, raising the income protection of the same work•■☆=, the Beijing Evening News, on March 17☆★□■, in response to the relatively small investment in the pre-school education, the child teacher treatment and security system still treats and lacks relevant legal protection, etc. Question, the National Peoples Congress▲◁, the chairman of the Lenovo Group and CEO Yang Yuanqing proposed “Improving the income level of child teachers, and effectively protecting the rights and interests of child teachers.■◇◆” Yang Yuanqing suggested that the civilian puhetic kindergarten development; implementing the admission of child teachers●▽, protecting the same work; formulating the ▪▼”School Education Law” to protect the rights and interests of the teachers. National Peoples Congress○==□, Chairman of the Lenovo Group and CEO Yang Yuanqing Oriental IC map supports the development of Professional Popular kindergarten development Yang Yuanqing suggests that the country increases the financial educati.

[Wang Yi talks about the Korean Peninsula question: calling on the United States to contact the Dialogue as soon as possible] On March 8▽★, Wang Yi, Foreign Minister Wang Yi•▽, said in the two conference press▪-, now○★■▪, the solving of the peninsula has finally taken an important step toward the right direction. We have fully affirmed and supported the efforts of the Korean and Korean to this. The next key is that the parties are actively echoing▼=, forming a synergistic■●☆▽, together with the sempan situation to the peaceful track, reintegrating the peninsula▷○★△, reintegrating the orbit of dialogue. To this end▲□, we call on all parties•■◁, especially the United States to make contact and dialogue as soon as possible▽•●, all parties follow the ▪●◁□”double track” ideas, both adhere to the non-nuclear goals, and actively build a peninsula■▲◆, and promote the non-nuclear process. Synchronous peers Solve all parties include the reasonable and security of North Korea. This is both a consistent position in China•◇▷-, and it is also a combinatio.

Original title: Shi Jong speaks “garbage papers★◁”, •□”evaluation system-■” needs to be changed The number of new expressions in the new Beijing News●◆-, the number of academicians=○■, the quantity, this is definitely the misunderstanding▪▼. ▲ Shi Yi Public Image Source▪▼: Xinjing News Ren Mengshan at a 13th meeting of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference We have completed in advance. ★▲”However◁◆▼▽,•○□” Some articles, popular point is called garbage articles, which is purely to post◆•, this situation is too much▲▽. “In the junction, there is a lot of places★◇○…, but” garbage papers ” Many●◇○, no matter which discipline is, it is almost a consensus. Why do you cause this? The most important reason is to evalua▪▲.

Original title: Onlookers This “50 billion” The most dead snack in history “will have national standards, you can eat it! Speaking of “net red” snacks, there may be different answers in everyones heart; but if you mention ◁=”the most dead snacks in history”▷◆, the truth is probably only one ..□•▲. According to the industry statistics, the spicy Treaty has nearly 50 billion output value, This figure is close to the 2017 China Movie Total Book Office•☆. The spicy strikes are so rich, no wonder there is netizens to ridicule: ◆●”There is money is a matter…□■, there is a spicy strike.” Although “fire” is not like, the spicy strip has “swaying.▼▪-☆” Remove food safety issues, the definitions of spicy strips are different from the definition standards. For example, the Henan spicy strike is “flavoring surface”, and Hunan spicy strip is =▷”extrusion pastry.

Source▲▼●=: Guan Zhixuan Yuan Title▷◇: “The Defense of Chinese” is strictly punished? Written & Photography Dong Xin Edit Xiong Yingqi “Chinese Deals fabric suppliers eco friendly products recycled polyester!” On March 8, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi reporter will angered the =◇”essence” molecule. This matter has a follow-up on the same day. On the afternoon, the 38 National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference from the 26th group of the literary world jointly submitted a proposal on “Developing Protecting Guo and National Digital Law”=◇△▷, it is recommended to severely punish the ▷●”Chinas defeat▽-▲▲”. Some people surprised Wang Yis mastery of the word “essential”□★◁. “Featured Japanese” is □●•=”spiritual Japanese”, refers to the people who will be deemed to be Japanese. In this kind of person, some extreme people worship Japan to hatred self-nation, as ashamed by themselves▽◆. Before the country, Nanjing begins, Nanji.