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denim garment:Original title: (The two sessions were released) Wang Yang visited the Journalists who participated in the 13th meeting of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference=■, Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, China◆★, China▽▽▼●, the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference Wang Yang visited the Great Hall of the People on the 15th Participate in the Peoples Daily, Xinhua News Agency▽★●, Guangming Daily●★▪◇, Economic Daily, China Daily, Central Peoples Broadcasting Station, CCTV, China International Broadcasting Station, China News Agency, China News Agency The responsible comrades and editing reporters of the General Assembly of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference and the reporter of the Journalists and the news workers reported by the General Assembly sincerely express their sincere gratitude. Wang Yang said, as the main position△-☆, main channel, main army☆▽, central mast.

Original title: Interpretation of the central inspection work plan◇◇▼☆: Political standards have always been, political obligations have no exception to high-wave partys 18th National Congress, with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the party, as a strategic manager, and groundbreaking The guiding ideology, strategic goals, basic principles and scientific methods of political inspections, explored the partys political path to self-revolution◁▼, self-purification under long-term governance□……●, highlighting the political and system of socialist democratic supervision of new era Advantage, in order to adhere to and strengthen the partys comprehensive leadership●☆, strengthen the partys construction, and comprehensively provide strong support from severe administration. Implement the 19th decision-making deployment of the party, “Central inspection work plan (2018-2022)” freshly released, a new round of central inspection deployment, promoting political inspecti◇◇○◁.

Original title★○◁□: The Scholars will be colored The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee said that this is because “Sichuan” Source-▷●□: Government knows “The Socket Color◆-” is the old column of the “two sessions” every year, the political knowledge will take The “two sessions” are so nice●◆▼○, good-looking, all pull here◁▪○•, with all the “two sessions-☆”. Today, some delegations open, come and see what hot topics are the citizens of the secretary responded●◆•? Sound @ 山东 省 书 刘家义 [The government is not a debt is right] The National Peoples Congress representative, Liu Jiayi, secretary of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee, said that if the asset debt is not◇=? Not. He said that the company is not a good thing○▷•▼, the government is the same=◁◁○, not if there is no liability-▷. We must always control the debt in the sa.

Original title: Netizen ○=▽•”Wild Love Song” reveals the inside of Qianbao collector illegal rights protection insider @ 平安 江苏 April 9 news, Yangzhou citizen Ge Mou (net “Lang people love song 508″), in participating in ★-◇”Qian Baoyai▼●” fundraising After returning, listening to the rumors and embarks on the path of illegal …■-“rights protection◁★”, publishing or forwarding more than 70 articles containing a large number of rumors and false information, becoming the manufacturer and communicationman of rumors▲◆☆, and producing a so-called non-reporting. The statement, induced the “Qian Baoyi” fund-raising participants did not report▲••, because he was suspected of seeking trouble and impulsive crimes■■□▷, he was taken by the Municipal Public Security Bureau at the end of March. Recently, he accepted an interview, revealing the inside story of illegal rights protection of Qianbaos raising people◁=▪▽. Its hard to get a greedy: Fast forward is still planted◁▼, and if he said•●, he is in the beginning of 201.

China News Agency Tianjin May 27 (Reporter Zhang Daozheng) The 11th China Overseas Chinese Vendorship Forum was launched in Tianjin on the 27th. The representatives of the Fourth Council attended the Five Council of China and 32 countries and regions from 32 countries and regions at home and abroad, experts and scholars attended the forum. This session is hosted by the China Overseas Chinese Commerce◇…▲, the Department of Tianti (Municipal Overseas Chinese Office), Tianjin Overseas Chinese Federation and other departments, with “14th Five-Year=…•” “double cycle” and the new opportunities – Tianjin · “Overseas Chinese■■” See new opportunities as the theme, highlight services and integrate into build new development patterns, and contribute to regional economic development=◆. At the opening ceremony of the forum, Tianjin Development and Reform Commission, Tianjin Business Bureau▲★, Tianjin Ministry of Industry and Information Technolo.