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seaqual initiative:Original title: The 91-year-old air force will be the first deputy commander of the Air Force, Lin Hui, the same day, Wang Rui, today (March 4), the reporter learned from Liu Hao Bin (opening the country, the original Air Force Commander Liu Yawang) The general died in the early morning of March 3, 2018, and the year was 91 years old☆•◁. Previously▷▼▷, the news that the reporter learned that the vice faith of the original Liberation Army Air Force of the Air Force will, and the deputy commander of the Juan Jun■=▷◇, the Air Force of the Air Force, Lin Hu is died on March 3▲□★★, 2018, and the year is 91 years old. According to the public information, the first place, the original name Wei Yao first, born in April 1927, Join the Communist Party of China in 1945■•■. He graduated from Northeast Peoples Liberation Army Aviation School in 1950. The captain of the latter flight squadron. In 1951, he participated in the anti-US aid chartered, served as the vice captain of the Chinese Peoples Volunteers Air Force Flight Brigad◆□.

Original title•▲: He is “the first person of Chinese comfort womens folk investigation○◇■▷”, why do he want to say “I cant afford history”? Zhang Double soldiers. [Global Times▪▽, Xing Xiaoyu, Xing Xiaoyu] On August 1st, the Chinese Peoples Liberation Armys 91st anniversary, the film ☆△”Da Han” re-enteps the first gift will be held in the Sichuan Jianchuan Museum◆●◆. Chinese veterans. At that time▪■☆, the film will lead the audience to the historical moment of the suffering and humiliation○-◇◁, and return to the moment that is forced to make the last snoring. Distance the premiere is less than 48 hours, 2☆●:33 in the morning of July 31▷○▷, the film “big cold◆□△▲” official Weibo released pain information: July 24▽◁, 2018 At 10 oclock in the morning, Cao black hair in Shanxi At home…☆, I was 96 years old and I was out of afternoon on July 30, 2018. At this point, Zhang Double soldiers .

Original title: US military Rose, aircraft carrier■★, today, I entered the South China Sea for China Nanhai Exercise [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] According to the US Navys official website announced that the Ninth Aircraft Carrier of …=”Roosevelt” is the flagship of the flagship, the brigade has now left Singapore, and in Beijing Time on April 3th entered the South China Sea. According to the previous news, the Chinese Navy held a large-scale military exercise in the South China Sea, including more than 40 ships including the “Liaoning” ship▽△◁. At present, the United States Aircraft Carrier is reported on April 2◁-△•, the United States, “Roosevelt◇□◆☆” aircraft carrier•▷△▪, the United States▪★•, the “Roosevelt”, which has just ended in Singapore△□, currently arrived. South China Sea area. It is reported that the ninth aircraft carrier against the “Roosevelt” aircraft carrier is the fir.