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material sourcing :At the 13th National Peoples Congress…=▽△, the news center held a press conference at the Multi-function Hall of the Metacity Center, and invited the Minister of Environmental Protection. The following is a text record: Reuters reporter Question-▲▼: What is the three-year planning goal of the next haze prevention in the next haze prevention and treatment? What exempted PM2▷▼○•.5 decreased? What is the difference between ten atmosphere? Li Ganjie: The atmosphere is officially released in September 2013, which is a very important document in Chinas environmental protection history▽◁◇=. This is the first time after the Standing Committee of the State Council of State Council and the Standing Committee of the Central Political Bureau★◇□▽, it is a central resolute Pollution declared war, started the first action plan of pollution contro△▲.

Original title: Hebei○□, a river hall▼-★◆, 3 km ◁•”garbage belt”! In some places, ◇•★★”river long system” is placed in order to improve the water governance system, safeguard water safety, and many provinces in my country have fully implemented the river long system○=-▲. However★◁◆□, recently◁☆◇-, the Central Environmental Protection Inspector group went to the new music section of Dasha River Shijiazhuang, and the Dingzhou section was examined. He found that the river embankment is full of domestic garbage, industrial waste residue, medical waste, etc. Among them, Dasha River Dingzhou section has formed a ●□△”garbage belt” than about 3 kilometers. Looking at the video, according to the reporter, Hebei Province clearly requires the implementation of the river long system▲▪□▼, the urban county and hometown three-level river head is responsible for the responsibility of the rivers and lakes. So, the river bank contamination is so serious, is responsible for the length of the river in the respective river? Sitting no matter what=▪•●? Look at the video ↓↓☆◆, the river in the video emphasizes the difficulties of our work. Regulatory is difficult, governan.

Original title…▪▷: Guangyin, from the child from the serf to the National Cadre, the reporter Zhang Ri Li stares on the Autonomous Region Public Security Department to commemorate the 59th anniversary of the “3 · 28” million serfs, the WeChat collection photo of the vote is very high. Photo – Black and white photo is a young boy△◇=, and the color photo has a majesty, looking at the title “From a child of a serf to the leading cadre”, with a curiosity throughout the time▪•, the reporter dialed photos The phone of the protagonist Pharao. After retired from the post of the Authentic District Public Security Bureau of the Autonomous Region, the autonomous regions of the Autonomous Region★▪○△, the autonomous regions◆◁▷•, and now he is healthy, while helping children with children●▽◆▽. Turn on the phone▽-▷, Pussan said□•○△: “Speaking about the story in the photo? This is my son to carry me, I have to pass the event, I have . uta canvas viscose silk fabric marine plastic.

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