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industrial fabric:Father sticks to the old house for 28 years□▽, no moving only for the missing son to find home◇○▪•, Huashi, the cover newspaper, Chen Zhang, is the week? 62-year-old Wang Liping out: “Sunday!” This day was deeply engraved in Wang Lipings mind○•○◁. Because this day▷□, Wang Liwei, who lives in Sanqi, Sanqi•▪, Zi Zigong, was held out of the nanny•▲, and disappeared in the vast sea. On May 27th, Sanqi Road★=☆, Sanqi Road, Sanqi District◁◇, and 55-year-old Wang Liwei and his son who were missing for 28 years◁●▽▲. Wang Wei hugged together, two big mens lips trembled, and they couldnt speak★…▲△. Self-servi.

Tight opportunity to upgrade consumption upgrades, with quality consumption to help quality upgrade and market upgrade▪●-, comprehensively improve the proportion of famous wine products. On the ○★●★”China Sweet White Wine Quality and Value Summit Forum”, talk about China The development goal of the wine industry▽▷○, the chairman of the China Wine Industry Association Sang Shuyu said. Chinas Sweet liquor quality and value peak forum has always been●•◇☆, quality is the foundation of enterprises, from product to service, quality assurance and quality improvement to enterprises significantly●▽●•. In particular, in the case of consumption upgrade, how to meet the diversification and personalization needs of the market, the quality is undoubtedly the first place●•, the same in the liquor industry□▪●◁. At the same time◆◇, in the pursuit of liqu.

Zhongxin Net Chongqing May 28 (Reporter Zhong Rong) promoted the fifth meeting of the Sichuan Minhe Cooperation of the Sichuan Minhe Cooperation in Chengdu-Chongqing District, held in Chongqing on the 28th▽▽. At the meeting, the Ministry of Sichuan, the people of the Sichuan▷○, combined with “I have a practical thing for the masses…==”, and I have signed the “Great Promotion Agreement” (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement••▼”), aim of “Agreement”)=☆◆. It is more convenient and fast, and talent flows is more efficient, and talent flows is more convenient-=○■, fast and fast. Suxi, deputy director of the Chongqing Human Social Security Bureau-▽, “Ten practical” in the ▲=”Agreement” mainly includes four major sections of personnel talents●▲, employment services◁■▷, social insurance□•■, and labor rights, including 4 item.

Xinhua News Agency☆◁, Beijing May 28 (Tian Xu Xu) 26th to 27th, the 10th International Athlete Forum was held▽○▷, about 2★□,000 athletes around the world participated in it, and everyone expressed its efforts to support the upcoming Tokyo Olympics▷◇●. The International Athletes Forum held once a two years◆▷●•, and this forum is the 40th anniversary of the International Olympic Committee Athletes◆•. Although the influence of the epidemic, the forum can only be held online, but this is the largest athlete forum in the history of the Olympic history, from 199 countries (regional) Olympic Committee•△▲, International Senior Sports Organization▪•▼, World Anthony, etc◆▪=◆. Many athletes expressed in the statement that they will participate in the Tokyo Olympic.

(Anti-neooperative pneumonia) Kazakhstan submits the national vaccine to WHO to apply for China, Xinshu, May 28 (Reporter Zhang Shuo) Local Time 28-◇, according to the official introduction, Harbin domestic new crown vaccine “QAZVAC” The third phase clinical trial has been close to the end□△, and the WHO submits the national vaccine registration application. When Harbird Tosayev held a video conference in Tan Dersse with WHO★☆-●, the President of the WHO Tan Dee▲▼▲, said that the third phase of the new crown vaccine ▽☆○=”QAZVAC” has completed 90%▼☆■, according to the initial data=…○, the vaccine clinical trial is effective Can reach 96%. At present, Ha en-relations department is working on the vaccine through WHO registratio fat quarters 90s clothes◆▼= chinese wholesale fabric suppliers printed nylon fabric! 300D RPET polycotton in lemon lime color with fluorescent effect!