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new innovative fabrics:Original title▲▽▼☆: The Standing Committee of the Peoples Congress of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region decided that the second meeting of the 13th Peoples Congress of the Peoples Congress of the Peoples Congress of the Peoples Congress of the Ministry of Autonomous Region, the Second Session of the 13th Peoples Congress of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region appointed: Gong Mingzhu is the Director of the Development and Reform Commission of the Autonomous Region; Li Zhongkai Director of the Economic and Information Commission of the Autonomous Region; Feng Yifei is a long-term housing and urban and rural construction hall; Xu Hongzhi is the director of the Autonomous Region Health and Family Planning Commission▼▽◆■. Decision is exempted▷▪▷◁: the director of the Bao Dafa Development and Reform Commission; Wang Bingjuns Director of the Autonomous Region Economic and Information Commission•▷; Ouyang Xiaohuis Autonomous Region Health and Family Planning Commission Director▷□, Director of the Family Planning Commission; Source▷○•△: WeCh.

Original title [Dialogue New State Enterprise] China Airlines Cui Zhixiong: Big Data Service Minsheng March 13, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Chairman of China Civil Aviation Information Group Co▪☆•▼., Ltd. “Interview show in the two sessions, with the deputy dean of Beijing Jiaotong University Computer and Information Technology, Professor Lin Youfang-▷◇, President of the Data Institute, to discuss the topic of” big data services ○◇”and•◇□” innovation development “. The following is an interview. Moderator△■=▽: “Focus on the high-quality development of the new era□▷, cultivate the worlds first-class enterprises”=■-, everyone is good, here is a Sina studio. In 2018, during the national two sessions, the State-owned Assets Administration Commission Promotion Bureau★▽, News Center, and the website of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission jointly launched ◇▽”New State-owned Enterprises in Dialogue, the New Er.

Who is Feng Xiaogangs $ 2●▲★◁.3 billion? On May 26th▪△▼, the famous director of △▼-▽”Heroes” Feng Xiaogang still hangs on the microblogging☆■◆□. At the age of 63, he had paid a performance compensation to Huayi Brothers for the second time••. This time is 168 million yuan☆◇•. Many netizens discussed=•, even if they had already paid 230 million yuan before and after, I exchanged the company to exchange 1050 million yuan in Huayi Brothers (300027.sz)•▪, Feng Xiaogang still earned. So■●, in this acquisition of this▲□, Feng Xiaogang, who is not “right◇●■”, who is 230 million? 168 billion to the account Huayi brothers “Time to fall” May 24-•☆, Huayi Brothers released about Zhejiang Dongyang Mei.

Original title▼★▷▲: Sun Zhengcai Since the “Chinas youngest political figure”, Bo Xilai is drunk in sports ▲•”singing red■▼□” recently, “Chongqing Daily★☆■▽” continuously issued “This newspaper commentator▲-■” article–▽, theory “completely clearing Sun Zhengcai bad impact And Bo Xilai, Wang Lijun There is also a relevant article of the “This Report Commentator” article also has the relevant articles of the various units of Chongqing▲▷◁. The 29th “This newspaper commentator▷…△○” article entitled “Improvity Enhanced Treativity”☆▪. The article pointed out that history and practical experience tell us that the targetedness is not strong•□◁▲, the responsibility is easy to do; the effectiveness is not enough, the work effect will be discounted. Therefore□▼▷, completely clearing Sun Zhengcais bad influence and Bo Xilai, Wang Lijun is to persist, but must insist on problem-oriented and insist on the results orientation□☆. It is necessary to put the evolve of the Sun Zhengc.

Original title: The ■△”one hand◆-■▷” of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of China □■”Yi Yi Men On March 2, the relevant person in charge of the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee held a meeting of the Municipal Party Committee to announce the appointment and dismissal decision of the municipal party committee▽•◆. The secretary of the Meitougou District Committee of Beijing, the Standing Committee, and Member of the Commission○★◇; Lin Yu will no longer serve as the Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of China. What department is the State-owned Assets Supervision? Beijing State-owned Committee official website introduced that the Municipal Republic of China is a municipal government authorized a national government directly under the country to fulfill state-owned assets. The Director of the Party Committee of the Municipal Republic of China has fulfilled the duties of the Municipal Party Committee. His responsibilities, responsibility for the supervision of state-owned assets in supervision★-☆; guidance promotes the reform and restructuring of state-owned and state-owned holding enterprises in this city□☆-◆; through the statutory procedur ocean litter☆▽.