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industrial fabric:Original title▷◇…: Senior officials who were named with Lu Wei, were batch ◆-•”enjoy the emperor treatment△★•” Source: Changan Street, I wrote a text North is shooting, I have been on the road. Warning “four winds” issues▲◆•, curb privileged ideas□▽▼★, and the party journals are constantly reminding all levels of cadres. Changan Street◇■, IT (WeChat ID: CapitalNews) noted that two senior officials who were criticized by the latest issue of “China Discipline Inspection Magazine▲•” journalist, have triggered a wide concern when they were investigated. Among them, it is recognized as “central qualitative use of the word most embarrass” – the former deputy minister of the former Central Propaganda Department, Lu Wei, director of the Central Newsletter of China◇◆■■, was frequently entitled to the private club, and the privilege, The style is rude, and it is special▽◇■. Lu Wei (data map) and Lu Wei were named in April 20.

Original title: must see! In 2018▽□▽●, the national two sessions were in 2018. The year of full implementation of the 19th National Spirit of the Party is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. Standing in the new starting point of history■◇, the upcoming national two sessions are attractive. How to advance the partys 19th strategic deployment? How to fight in a comprehensive construction of a well-off society? The nationwide two sessions will respond to the peoples concern and the people concerned. Key words 1 implementation of the 19th National Spirit▼▲▪: Make the Partys claims become the first national two sessions after the nineth party of the party this year. The 19th National Congress of the Party established Xi Jinpings new era of Chinese characteristics, the whole party must have long-term guiding ideology, depicting the comprehensive construction of a well-off societ.

China News Agency■▼, May 28th (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) reporter learned from the Guangdong Provincial Culture and Tourism in the 28th that it is based on the comprehensive assessment according to the procedure organization and completed publicity on May 25, and Guangdong determined 7 of Meizhou Zhangdashi former tourist area•▲▷. The unit is a national 4A-level tourist scenic spot. These 7 scenic spots are Hakoshan Tourist Scenic Area, Meizhou City★=★, Zhangshi Foreign Tourism Area, Jiangmen City Enping Springlin Golden Town Leisure Tourism Area, Yangjiang Yangchun Spring Bay Scenic Area, Maoming City Gaozhou Xiannong Tourist Scenic Area, Zhaoqing City Sikikihe Scenic Area, Chaozhou Dongshan Lake Resort Scenic Area•▲. Among them, Zhang Shizhis mobile phone area is located in Luolong Village, Dapu County•◇, Meizhou City, with patriotic overseas Chinese◁☆, “Chinas modern Portugue.

Original title◁•: The countrys first electricity organization in the sports venue will set up Xinhua News Agency on March 21st China Sports Vendor Association on the 21st news, at the 2017 annual meeting of the China Sports Vendor Association◇○▲, the full ticket of the General Assembly passed the establishment Resolution of the Electronic Athletic Branch. The countrys first e-sports organization in sports venues will be established this year◁★●. At the annual meeting of China Sports Venue Association○▲▪, Zhangjiakou Chongli Tan Dance Ski Town•○, 200 member representatives from 24 provinces and districts from the country attended the meeting. Zhang Lizeng, chairman of the China Sports Venue Association, deputy director of the Division of the State Sports▽▪▲, attended the General Assembly and delivered a speech. The Secretary-General of the Association Feng Jinhu issued the annual summary report and deployed the 2018 job, the General Assembly considered the establishment of an e-sports branch, and obtain★△◁.

China CDT today (28th) released the monitoring of new crown vaccination in my country, from December 15 to 202▪…△○, 202•■◆-, April 30, 31 provinces, autonomous regions◇□▪◇, municipalities directly under the Central Government○▲☆△, and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported to vaccinate new crown virus vaccine 265 million doses◁○, reported to prevent incidence of adverse reactions 31434 cases, the incidence of reports was 11◁★=. 86/100,000. In this regard, the Chinese CDC released an interpretation of the monitoring information of new crown vaccination in urination-◆□. Interpretation shows that the general reaction of my countrys new crown virus vaccine is lower than the average report level of other various vaccines in my country in 2019. Current assessme bci certification textile buying office lingerie!