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reupholstery supplies:Original title Minister of Education: 11★▷.2 billion yuan to subsidize the countrys two sessions of the country, deputy minister of the Ministry of Education▷●, Du Zhanyuan-○, discussions in the Education Educational Participation In terms of construction☆☆●, it has achieved significant results, implemented rural teachers life subsidies, only one■▽, the central government subsidy is 11.2 billion, covering 725 counties…☆▷▪, benefiting more than 1.3 million rural teachers-△○▲. In addition, in the special post plan, 280,000 special post teachers were recruited○◇◁●. According to reports, since the 18th National Congress, in the construction of teachers, the construction, the construction of teachers, the teachers style, teachers ability, quality training, the country increases, the national training program (National Training Program) Central Arrangement of Primary and Secondary School Teachers 10 billion, cultivated primary and secondary schools●◆◇-, kindergarten teachers .

Original title★■: Hu Chunhua, in Gansu, retransmitting the poverty, stressing, stressing and making a good fortune, unsatisfactory▼=, universal, universal●▷-■, Xinhua News Agency, March 25, China Communist Party Committee, Vice Premier Hu Chunhua 23rd to 25th, Cancerity○▲◆. He emphasized that we must fully study the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party in depth, in-depth implementation of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on the provision of “Government Work Report”, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility of depletion◁▪☆, further increase work Strengthen●▷☆◇, unclusions to implement the partys central decision-making deployment, and resolutely lay a good job of escapies the poverty battle. Gansu Province involves three concentrated continental specialty areas of Liupanshan, Qinba Mountain and Tibetan areas□▷☆, and the poverty face is large and the degree of poverty is deep. Hu Chunhua came to Xiahe County○○■▽, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gannan Provinc.

China Weather Network News Beijing Planning Land Commission and the Municipal Meteorological Bureau 08 08 08 yards jointly released geological disaster meteorological risk blue warning. In the next 24 hours▲◁•◆, there are risks of geological disasters such as mudslides◆▽▲, collapse, landslides in Beijing…•…, please pay attention to prevention. Editor in charge: Joe Lehua SN0■•.

Original title: Ecode Pollution Prevention and Law Enforcement Monitoring Ecological Environment Department Annual Budget Super Billion Periacy reporter Chen Zexiu sent from Guangzhou April 13, 91 central sectors have focused on 2018 budget. This is the ◁▷▼”State Council Institutional Reform Plan” adopted▪◆△, the central department first sun budget, and the central sector has been disclosed in the ninth year of the year•★. As the newly established department, the Ecological Environment Department is based on the Original Environmental Protection Department▲◇, which has been related to the relevant duties of six sectors such as the Development and Reform Commission, Water Resources▪▪•◆, Ministry of Agriculture. According to the regulations, the Ecological Environment Department is still based on the original Environmental Protection Department◁▪, involving functions and budgetary income and expenditure…△▲○, and needs to be explained. Compared with last year, the Ecological Environment Department expenditure budget increased by 5.038 billion yuan, reaching 12.155 billion yuan, an increase of over 7.