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textile for packaging!interior textiles:On February 18, Xiongan Citizen Service Center project construction live aerial view□▼◁. Xiongan released WeChat blessings Titland title★-: “Xiongans first standard◆☆”, skills are really high for 4 days to complete 3100 tons of basic steel bars installation☆▲▲◇, 5 days to complete the construction site to build, 7 days to complete 120▲△◆,000 cubic meters of rice earth excavation, 10 days to complete 36,000 cubic meters of basic concrete pouring, 25 days to complete 12,000 tons of steel components installed, 1000 hours all steel structural monomers are fully capped … under the incredible construction speed•●■…, the first large-scale in the Xiongan new district Construction Engineering – Xiongan Citizen Service Center has recently achieved all of the main structures, 2-3 times faster than the consumption of the same volume. In the future…◁◆▪, this total investment is 800 million yuan, and the construction area of ​​more than 100■●●•,000 square meters will assume the new distric?

Original title▼••○: 12 Ministry of Party Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan of Fitness Trail Engineering: 300 km per country▽=☆, all provinces, autonomous regions●-▲, municipalities directly under the Central Government◇•, planning a single list▽▷■, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Sports Bureau, Development Reform Commission, Finance (Bureau), Land and Resources Department, Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department (Planning Bureau, Planning Commission), Ministry of Transportation, Water Conservancy (Water) Office (bureau)-…■, Agriculture Department (Bureau◇▲, Board, Office), Press and Publication, Forestry Office (Bureau), Tourism Bureau ( Committee), Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau (Market Supervision and Administration Department): In-depth implementation of the 19th National Spirit of the Party, further promoting the extensive development of national fitness activities to meet the outdoor fitness needs of the peoples multi-sample outdoor, our research has developed a ●•=”million kilometers fitness Trail project implementation plan■△▼. ” Now it is now giving you▪=●, please organize the implementation and drive the fitness trai.

Original title: This big thing to do▷••▼, China, let the Americans serve, Indians…•…△, •▪☆-“China win the first battle recycled cotton fabric cotton fabric wholesale!▽•…” Recently•◇▼, the University of Chicago issued a report on Chinas pollution control. After the mainstream media such as the New York Times, he tried to bring a hot discussion in the international community. ◁▷”China has only used 4 years, so that the concentration of urban fine particles (PM2□=.5) decreased by 32%,” New York Times ●★▷”▼■■☆, called China to win this pollution control at a record speed. The report pointed out that China launched an air quality plan in 2013, requiring at least 10% of the PM2•▲-□.5 concentration of all cities, and reduced by 25% for Beijing◆•. “New York Times” notes to achieve this go-□•◁.

Chinas new network Guiyang May 28 (Yue Wang) This year, Guizhou Province will further deepen “provinces, one to run” reform, according to the provincial capital provincial government •★△▼”provincial capital▼=•” requirements◆★▲, 2021 At the end of the year●◁•◇, I realized the “provincial government=☆△…” ◁▲★”provinces” in the provincial and county country five levels. The reporter learned the above news from the “Reform and Innovation Innovation Vitality Power…★●★” press conference held by the Peoples Government of Guizhou Provincial Peoples Government. Since 2020, Guizhou continues to deepen the reform of “venting service…▪”, based on the “one window•□” ▪•”One Window” ▽●•”■▷◆•” One Window “,” “Up to Run▽☆…◁” “▽=◇” One Wall ☆-▼…”●▷▷□, and the Systemic Service Process and Methods System buying agent!