interior textiles – environmental damage

textile company:Original title: Radio, Film and Television Administration▷–▪: Prohibition of illegal crawling and slamming adaptation audiovisual programs Beijing Business News March 22 Notice “), for the discipline of the ongoing network audiovisual program illegally crashed▽•■◇, the argument, and the various programs, the number of programs, the nominal, sponsorship, etc. further standardize management▷☆. ◇=△=”Notice●▽=” pointed out that some network audiovisual programs have been made very highlighted. Some shows are distorted, spoof, ugly classic literary artwork■●•; some programs are unauthorized intercepting the classic literary artwork, broadcasting film and television programs and network original audio-visual programs○=▲, or re-dubbing, replacing subtitles, tampering, breaking chapter□◇, spoof, etc. Attractive eye, produ.

Zhongxin△◇.com□◁◆◇, May 26th, Sina: Delivery Wu Mengchao: Say good time is too short, I want to say too many authors▼-☆▼: Li Wei, Li Qiubi, the rain, stop time, driving to Shanghai Longhua Funeral Pavilion. On May 26, 2021▲★☆•, Wu Mengchaos bodys body is held in Shanghai Longhua Funeral Center. Yin Liqin “Do you say this is a rain?” Taxi driver Feng Master Feng Wang outside the window: “I think this is more like tears.” 5 kilometers away about an hour, Master Feng did not see impatient “There are too many people, I have finished you, I will go.” Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, “The Father of China Liver Surgery” Wu Mengchao Subject Suitable .

[China has a gorgeous turn of the company: from ▼◆▷☆”Broken Broken Network” to Yantian Village, Hantian Village■○…▲, Southeast, and Yanshan, the southeast coast of Yongdong▽★, is the pure gathering of Funjia boat people in the southeast coast of Fuan City. Fisheries Village○◇•. Lianjia ship people take the ship as home, fishing goods is industrial, all year round, and live unclear. -★△●”A broken ship hangs net, the ancestors of the three generations are squeezed; catching fish and shrimp chapet, leaking the leakage time◁●.” Jiang Guan▼◇, the secretary of the party branch of the village◁●▲, recalled the life on the ship○△, and filled the emotion◆□◁. Unexpectedly, the old, no learning, there is a disease▲=, this is the true portrayal of the tragic life of the company. Xiki Village of the village. Peoples Network Wu Siyu to solve the village of Xi.

Original title□▪: The State Food and Drug Administration: Key to rectify the rural market “名 牌 食品=◁■” Meeting in the immortal food will be included in key supervision. The State Food and Drug Administration issued an announcement today (March 21), which will focus on rectifying the rural market and urban and rural integration department “” food “” cottage food ▲▼…”. The State Food and Drug Administration is required in the “Announcement on Combating Food Production and Sales Crimes”◆◁. Key to rectify the rural market, urban and rural integrated parties “famous food●◁” “cottage food…•”; focus on rectification of food labeling instructions, express or implies to prevent the treatment of diseas.

China News Cooperative Ningxia Shizi Mountain May 28 (Yang Di Li Zeyang) The worlds first set of iron alloy industrial exhaust fuel ethanol projects on Ningxia Shizishan Pingluo County officially put into production. The project is expected to produce 45,000 tons of fuel ethanol and 5▪=◁△,000 tons of protein powder, and the output value is 330 million yuan■▽•★, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 180,000 tons per year. The worlds first set of iron alloy industrial exhaust fuel ethanol project was officially put into production. Li Zeyang Take Industry Tail Gas Biomara Firming Fuel ethanol technology is an emerging biotechnology process that can realize efficient cleaning and utilization of industrial exhaust resources. This technology reduces carbon emissions, replacing fossil energy▪●, protects national energy▼●◇•, food security and structu○▽=▼.recycled nylon fabric.