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econyl:[Expert] Sino-US economic and trade friction upgrade is the result of long-term contradictions and broke out] Source: China Voice China Academy of Social Sciences International Trade Director Dongyan□☆: From a long time=▪…◁, China-US economic and trade relations have a certain adjustment and Friction is an inevitability●☆-◆, then from the short term, this point in time is the result of long-term contradiction. From the perspective of the second round of the United States, at least through the announcement of the United States, his momentum is very strong-◇. It turned out to be hidden behind•△, then this report will also cause a strong reaction to China. Related news China-US trade friction intensifies Chinas 128 imported goods in the United States (with the list) US “great” directly refers to Chinas field this fear and interpretati■-▷.

Zhang Jianzong☆★◆□, Director of the Administration of the Hong Kong SAR Government, issued a statement on May 27 that the Legislative Council today (27th) is welcome to pass the ●-…”Perfect Election System (Comprehensive Amendment) Bill in 2021. This is a very important and historic bill, which represents the Hong Kong SAR to complete local legislation★◆, and implement the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress to annexical one and two of the Hong Kong Basic Law. The central government leads to the constitutional level to improve the Hong Kong election system, re-return to the right track▲…•, and further improve the national security system for the Hong Kong Special Administration, defend national security and regime safety, and open a new situation in good governance. Zhang Jianzong believes that the bill passed today is an important milestone that is moving forward in the Hong Kong government development, and it is fully accurately implemente-=.

Original title◇★■▽: The police sent a test care to cultivate giant baby? Dont take the line•○, it is not a machine, making mistakes are normal; and, the care of the exam is also worthy of praise-=. In this case=-◁, why do you say that others are “big baby”? Wen Zhao Qingyuan in recent days, an article entitled “police service college entrance examination, but the more far from the road to cultivate the road”, ▼••▲”the article is hot in the circle of friends. The article believes that the public security organ pays more attention to the service of candidates during the college entrance examination. These even college entrance examinations can be late▽-, forget the admission ticket▼=☆, wearing candidates with metal object clothes, not worth special care, not to say some “white eye wolf” It was taken care of the police. The article believes that □▷▽▼”the rules are rules … Violation rules should be at your own risk. Some people violate the rules and to withstand the consequences, ?

Original title: Guangdong Shandong two main officers public bright□…★? On March 6, Guangdong Provincial Governor Ma Xingrui admitted that “the high-speed railway of Guangdong Province has been in the” Guangdong high-speed railway “in the group seminar of the Guangdong Provincial Delegation. He said that “Guangdong high-speed rail line only in 350km is only Guangzhou – Shenzhen – Hong Kong, and Wuhan-Guangzhou Railway★◆•★. The main population of Guangdong Province has gathered in coastal and high-speed rail construction.•-◇▲” It is particularly worth noting that he mentioned the traffic situation in the southwestern part of Guangdong Province: “Especially the population of Guangzhou to Zhanjiang, there are thousands of high-speed rails to build speed at 350km.” Governor can recognize the development of high-speed rail development of the province. The backward side has won the public opinion▲◁◇. “Sea Warehouse” (ID◇…◆: HYCPLB) notes•△◁, Guangzhou peop?home textiles!

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