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recycled fabric upolstery supplies fabric wholesaler,repreve material:Original title: Hua Shengying□•: Innovation and intellectual property is not a ■•◇◇”patent” in the United States, on March 23=•, the reporter asked□•★: The United States decided to take restrictions on Chinas lived products, while the White House According to the statement, China has attracted network attacks on US companies through participation and supports sensitive information including commercial confidentiality. At the same time□▽, the United States company is transferred to China to Chinas large-scale transfer technology by limiting the intellectual property license of foreign companies●◆▼▷. What is Chinas comment? Hua Chunying: I also noticed the report. The US must understand one thing, that is◁•-, the United States is indeed in todays world innovation, but this is not equal to the innovation and intellectual property. It can only be a “patent” in the United States. I introduced the “World Knowledge” issued by World Intellectual Property Organizatio.

Recently, the Chinese pregnant women who have received interest in Thailand have been sentenced to the second trial judgment in Thailand. The defendant Yu Dong (pseudonym) was identified as “no preamble●★◁” and was sentenced to ten years in prison. After you know the results of the judgment, the royal history of the lawyer did not know how to tell the party Wang Ling (pseudonym) and drag to her at night. •●◆”She is very strong☆◇▷▷, but this result is too big to fight her.◇•□” June 9▼…, 2019, three and a half months of pregnancy, Wang Ling in Ubran, Thailand, was 34 meters from Husband The high cliff is pushed down, and the whole body is fractured, and the ICU has rescued 8 days of living, and the fetus in the abdomen can not be saved•○•. In March 2020, Yu Dongyi was sentenced to no senten.

Original title: China Hong Kong will release the vegetable import restriction on Japan 4 counties after nuclear accidents [Global Network reported reporter flexing] According to Japan, July 20th, Japanese Agricultural and Forestry Aquatter announced on the 20th◇▽◇, Chinas Hong Kong SAR Government 24 It will be partially relaxed to Japanese food import restrictions on the Fukushima nuclear accident=△, involving some foods such as the vegetables of Zicheng, Musk■●◆▪, group horses-△★▲, and thousands of leaves. This is the first relaxation restriction in Hong Kong after the nuclear accident…○=, and 4 counties will be able to export foods such as vegetables in Hong Kong. According to the report, it is relaxed to restrict vegetables, fruits, milk•★▲, milk beverages and milk powder…▷…▲, but the Japanese side still need to submit radioactive material examination proof documents. The same restricted Fukushima Prefectural products will not be exported. According to farm water▽○, the Hong Kong governments export conditions are outside the inspection document?