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workwear:Original title•△○: Line 6 will run “big station express train” for the secondary center yesterday afternoon, two lines of new cars parked in the East and small units•◇. Our reporter Deng Wei took the underground cross-section of Beijing City No. 6 will be staged after the real “big station running fast car”●▲=▷. The reporter learned yesterday that the relevant departments are studying the new operations of Line 6 will be “large station express cars” for the deputy center. The express train will get rid of some of the middle stations▽◇▪, so that the public will quickly travel to the city center of the city. Changying Station Tongyun Tongyun Station reserved orbit □-…=”Taiwan Express” has two characteristics☆-□, fast speed◁▽▲, and large station spacing. Line 6 is equipped with Beijings first train to 100 kilometers=◇◆◁, this speed is the fastest in operation lines■▷▪…. If you want to implement the “station spacing”, you have to challenge it is difficult. Line 6•■=△, especially urban paragraph, c.

Original title: View Dealing with trade disputes, experts are Chinese tricks: Dont put eggs in a basket Hong Kong “Nanhua Morning Post” website issued an article, a pre-government senior official and some industrial analysts China and the US Tortune trade dispute provide an ideal opportunity for China to promote free trade agreements with other countries. ▲ Hong Kong “Nanhua Morning Post” report-▪◆▼, Wei Jianguo, former deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce, said□▽…: …○●”China should accelerate (free trade agreement) negotiations to fight against the US pressure.” He said: “Now it is also a comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP) ) The opportunity to hold more talks is to consolidate the influence of China in this multilateral trade arrangement▼★□. “Wei Jianguo said that the dispute with the United States shows that China needs the sa☆•-•.

At the 13th National Peoples Congress▲▷, the news center held a press conference at the Multi-Film in Madia (Monday) at 15:00 on March 12 (Monday), inviting Member of the 12th National Peoples Congress Finance and Economic Committee, Yin Zhongqing, and Texture Committee deputy Director Wu Heng, Yuan Wei, deputy director of the Environment▽•▽, Mission Committee…□△◆, Zheng Dynasty▽◁, and the deputy director of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Budget Work Committee Liu Xiuwen, the Office of the Standing Committee, the Office of the Standing Committee, Fu Wenjie, Fu Wenjie◇☆▷●, the “Peoples Congress Supervision” Chinese and foreign reporters ask questions▲△…-. The following is a text record: Beijing time reporter◇•■: This issue wants to provide deputy director Liu Xiuwen, budgetary Work Committee. We know that persistence of the people who are the master, strengthen the supervision of the people△-▷◁, and the important task is to manage the peoples “money bag”, to strengthen the review and supervision of the Governments full-diameter budget◇●☆. We understa.