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recycled PET performance textile recycled product,textile manufacturer:Original title: Real estate tax is coming, there must be three problems must face the real estate tax has arrows on strings. Following the principles of “Legislative Pioneer, full authorization, distribution”, the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Budget Committee and the Ministry of Finance and related aspects are working on drafting and improving real estate tax law. When is it? There is no specific time. According to the Minister of Finance☆▪, Xiao Jie=☆, will strive to complete the full legislative procedure in 2019, and completed the “Implementation Tax Legal Principles▲▽-” reform tasks in 2020…=-…. It is foreseeable that in the near future▷▪○, real estate taxes affecting hundreds of millions of Chinese will truly land■★. Precautions, we tried to answer three questions: 1. Real estate tax does not suppress housing prices? 2☆□▽-. How do you have real estate tax=◆□? 3. How big is it impact on ordinary people▪▼?

Original title: Why is the Golden Hall of the Peoples Games Hall? Written Zhou Yu Photography Wei Haos political guidelines about the news of the RCPC News has not been to the golden hall on the third floor of the Great Hall of the People★▼▽. However, in advance of yesterday (March 6), “Golden Hall▷•” was enabled in advance□◆=▽, and the Democratic Party Central Committee and the National Industrial and Commercial Leadership Journalists will be held. The 9th Chairman debuted and answered the reporter●□▷▼. “Wait”•◁-=, ••”Form”, started 10 years ago (WeChat ID△◇: BQzhengzhiju) first introduced, after entering the new century▷•◁○, eight Democratic Party Central Chairman and National Federation of Industry and Commerce met with Chinese and foreign reporters This is the third time. As early as 2008▽-, it was also the beginning of the 11th National Committee of China○△, and the Political Consultative Conference arranged 8 during the General Assembl-△=….

China Xinwang Jiangmen May 27th (Cai Minyi Yue Road Construction) Guangdong Hong Kong…◇-, Macau Dasan District Super Engineering Huangmaohai Cross-Sea Channel Project Construction Welcomes New Progress•★, the project control engineering, the worlds largest three tower road cable All the completion of the Pile foundation of the Bridge Huangjinghai Bridge, the logo main dragon entered the platform construction stage. Huangjinghai Bridge is the Worlds largest highway three tala bridge, the main spans of 2 * 720 meters, the bridge is 2200 meters long. The main pier founded the group pile foundation, jointly constructed by Poly Long Great Engineering Co□○.●-□, Ltd…=■. and China Railway Bridge Bureau Group Co., Ltd▼☆. Zhu Chao, deputy director of Huangmaohai Cross Sea Channel Project-▼▽▪, said that in order to ensure the construction of large diameter drilling piles, Porsche General promotion main 12 construction, Huangjingh.