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textile distributor:Original title: The short film of the Ministry of Defense is allowed to have a tear! Pay tribute to the veteran! On the afternoon of March 29, the Ministry of Defense held a routine reporter meeting◁=◇, deputy director of the Ministry of Defense, and the Department of Defense News Answer Answer the reporter. In response to the reporters question about the issue of the Department of Retired Military Affairs, Ren Guoqiang watched a short film – ••”Older▼★-■” Do you know? In China, there is a retired soldier every 24 people…▷•▲. They may be your loved ones★▼, friends▼-◇…, classmates△☆, colleagues ..◇□○▽. no matter whether they are in military uniforms, they dont live up to the times◁○▼▲, do not change the initial heart▽◆, do not stop the charge. This is the old soldier of the Republic, although the stage is different, the color is never changed▽=•◇. The picture shows the reporter to play video “veter!

Wang Zhengwei, Qin Zhengwei, male☆▽◆, Hui, June 1957, Ningxia concentric, in September 1976, January 1981, Joined the Communist Party of China-■, the National Economics of Minority Ethnic Economics▽▲, Central University for Nationalities, graduated from the postgraduate degree Ph.D. in law. He is currently a vice chairman of the 19th National Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. 1976 – 1978 Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Tongxin County Wang Xiangxiang Division 1978-1982 Ningxia University Chinese Department of Chinese Professional Studies 1982-1983 Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Tongxin County Committee Secretary Secretary Secretary 1986-1986 Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Party Committee Office Secretary 1986-1989 Deputy Party Committee Office of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Regi★△?

Cong Bing=■□-: Reporter friends, everyone is good afternoon! The second reporter will start now in the 13th National Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference. The theme of this reporter will be the “CPPCC member to promote economic high quality development○-•”. First, the Secretariat of my on behalf of the General Assembly welcomed the Chinese and foreign reporters from China Todays press conference. Today is the International Womens Day, I would like to give Hu Xiao▽☆, the female reporter△◁-○, ladies, and the congratulations showing the festival performance textile recycled textile – fabric company home textiles technical fabric,! Cong Bing▲○: Today★◁◇, we invited 5 National Political Consultative Conference members to attend the reporter meeting. I came to introduce: the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference…-, Yang Weimin, deputy director of the Central Financial Leading Group Office. Guo Xiao, chairman of the National Committee of China, Hu Xiao☆▽■, Chairman of China Import and Export Bank. Chen Xiaohua☆▪□▽, member of the National Committee of China and the Ministry of Agriculture▼•☆△. National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Vice Chairman of the National Industry and Commerce, Tsinghua Universi.

This is the voice of the people who brings together the public opinion, and the grassroots look forward to the convergence of the people, there must be a short channel to carry the peoples enthusiasts to the beautiful life. This is the channel to listen to the people◆☆-. Social concern◁…▼□. Help answered the call of the people, and there must be a short channel to communicate with the solemn venue and the peoples opinion. This is the passage of the people who condense the peoples endorsement to the development of everyones business▷…◇=. Everyone will hope▽◁. The short channel is connected to the head of the people from the minister, to the representative, to the member to enter the new era channel and then broaden the peoples voice more bright strip channel, the Chinese two will be more open, more transpare◁▪?

Original title: Meteorologists analyze this winter Beijing snowfall is reduced: producing snowfall water vapor conditions Not enough March 1, 2018, Beijing ushered in sunny weather, visitors play photos in front of Tiananmen, enjoy a beautiful spring. Since the winter, the Chinese figure has been in the winter, there have been snowfall weather all over the country▽•◁◇, even Xiamen-…●▪, Yunnan and other places have floated snowflakes, but the snow in Beijing has been difficult to trace. Why is Beijing why are Beijing, what is the climate background of this weather? What is the cause of Beijing precipitation (snow)…■▽◆? On February 28, the reporter interviewed the National Climate Center Climate Monitoring Room Researcher Liu Yanju, the chief engineer of Beijing Meteorological Services, Senior Engineer of the Beijing Climate Center Climate Forecasting Room. Expert△●: National Climate Center Climate Monitoring Rural Research-★-.