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cotton fabric wholesale:[Global Times – Global Network Report Reporter Guo Fang] The date date of the 71st World Health Assembly will be as close as close as close as close as close as close as close aspect◇◁, and Taiwan has not received the invitation. Taiwan has received the invitation letter from the WHW Conference in 2009 to 2016. At the routine reporter meeting on the same day▪•, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said▲□, this said, due to the “Nine-two Consensus” that the Democratic Government has so far, it has destroyed the political foundation of the World Health Conference in Taiwan=•. This year, Taiwan has not received an invitation■△●★, and the responsibility is completely in the DPP authorities. It is said that a Chinese principle is the general consensus of the international community. Resolution 2758 of the United Nations General Assembly established a Chinese principle and provides a compliance with the WHO Treatment desk. Year 20!

Original title▷◆: Russian media: Chinas digital economic scale ranks in the world•▼▷▼, the second part of GDP, the proportion of GDP is more than 30% of April 12, 2018, the audience visits at the first digital China Construction Achievements Exhibition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Liwang Reference News Network reported that Russian media said that in the first digital China Construction Summit, “Digital China Construction Development Report (2017)” pointed out that Chinas digital economy is 27◇◇.2 trillion in 2017 RMB, accounting for 32.9% of GDP, ranking second in the world. Russian Satellite News Agency quoted China media report on April 23, “Digital China Construction Development Report (2017)” was released in Fuzhou▷◆=○, held in the first digital China Construction Summit. The report pointed out that digital China is a new er.

Original title: Chen Ruui◁…: It is recommended to establish a national-level Guangdong and Hong Kong▷○△-, Australia, China Securities Network▷•, China Securities Network News National Securities Network News National Peoples Congress, Deputy Secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee▽-, Mayor Chen Ru, 6th, in the open group meeting of Guangdong delegation△▪◇★: establish national level Guangdong◁…, Hong Kong◁-, Macau Daban District…●, coordinated mechanism★▼, accelerating the interconnection of Shenzhen◇▷, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and other urban airports, harbor, high-speed rail, urban rail…◁△, subway and other facilities■★◇△. Chen Ruui said that combined with the governments work report•★…○, he also recommended that the country established a new technology application test area in Shenzhen and other innovative cities, carrying out new technologies, new products, standards, pricing and other pilots, support construction national level detection platform and application Center, accelerate the new technology industrialization process. In addition, he also recommended that the state supports Shenzhen-Hong Kong joint construction of special cooperation area.

Original title: British media pay attention to China will implement infinite punishment measures: limit “Lao Lai” to the train information map○★: Disciplinary faction. Reference Message Network reported that British media said that China said that people who will begin to implement social credit systems△▽▪◇, and prohibit people who have made illegal confidence in the aircraft or train in the last year. According to the British “Independent▷▲▼” website reported on March 17, according to the two statements released on its website on the 16th of the National Development and Reform Commission, the restricted list includes people who have intentionally spread false terrorist information and disturbing cabin order. Man smoking on the train. The statement also said that people who have lost financial informities○■•■, such as those who should pay social insurance and have the ability to pay the ability, but the responsible person who refuses to pay will also face the same restriction★◇▪. The two declaration time is Marc. cotton fabric wholesale distributorscustomized fabric – sustainable polyeer upholstery automobile marine plastic!