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recycled material:China New Network May 27th According to the Russian Satellite Network, the First Deputy Director of the Russian Federal Security Bureau, the Federal Security Bureau Border Defense Bureau Director Vladimir Kulu□△•, said Russia is strengthening the land border with Ukraine. Protection to deal with unfriendly behavior from Ukraine. According to reports, Kulusa pointed out that “considering the development of the situation in this direction○▪▼, and Ukraines unfamiliar behavior of Russia, we are adopting appropriate measures to strengthen the protection of national borders■▼▷□, and enhance technology equipment according to plan. “Cuulusafu added:▽▲○-” At present, my countrys border guard has completed the border task of defending national border in the case of deterioration in peacetime and situatio●○.

Original title▽▲: On-site In the Shanghai National Peoples Congress, I went to Beijing this afternoon. The representative of the National Peoples Congress in the Shanghai National Peoples Congress was concentrated in the Peoples Building=△◆, and went to Beijing to participate in a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress=•. This article is a view of the newspaper on the newspaper on March 2, this afternoon, in the afternoon=▲◆●, in the Shanghai National Peoples Congress, he went to the Peoples Building to participate in the 13th National Peoples Congress•▷. Liberation Daily▪★. Observing Journalists learned that there were 58 representatives of the National Peoples Congress of the Shanghai Group◆◇□, including 37 new representatives and 21 represented◁◆▪•. At 1 oclock in the afternoon, there are more than 1 hour away from boarding time, the representatives have reached the topic of the peoples buildings and began to exchange their attention. “Where is the governments money to flow, it is divided into science△▽. Shangh?

Original title…▼★: The Peace Ark Hospital ships End Pacific Island Medical Assistance Task Lu Zi: Multi Pacific Island Leaders thanked China Selfless Help “Foreign Ministry Spokesman Office○□” public number (XWS4_FMPRC) news○•, on August 23 Foreign Ministry routine reporter At the meeting▲•, there were reporters asked: According to reports, on August 20th–★△, Chinas Peace Boat Hospital has ended the medical assistance task of four Pacific Island countries in Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga. Can you introduce the relationship between the Hiping Ark Hospital in the above four countries? Lu Hong: You are right…●. From July 11th to August 20th▽□, the China Navy Peace Squash Hospital•◁=, the □▷=◁”Harmony Mission – 2018″ mission, has conducted friendly visit to Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu■□-, Fiji and Tong□•▼▲!

Website News Recently▪•▪△, the Sino-Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has recently been reported to the four key industries in the field of key industries. 1•◆. The original staff of Jiyang City Medical Security Affairs Center Wen Xin uses the position of the position, and illegally accounts for public property issues. From June 2019 to July 2020, Wenxin was using the Finance Department of the Municipal Medical Insurance Administration, and the citys medical security affairs center financial work, using the position of the position, 39 times from the municipal civil service medical insurance fund and the closing personnel medical insurance The Gold account is transferred from 19○◇•☆.152 million to the bank card that is in the name of others△•▪, is used to repay personal loans and daily consumption. In November 2020, Wen Xin w.

Time media said that under the deadlock on both sides, the Taiwan authorities will face a significant test in November. According to Taiwan, ◇□”Wang Daily△▼○” reported on July 23•–▼, in the face of the United States regarded mainland China as a main opponent, there is a relatively vacuum area in the United States, and the mainland is riveting●★…. In November, the mainland will organize China-South Pacific Island Summit–, and a total of 6 “Bang Dranates” in the South Pacific region; then the 20th National Group (G20) summit will be November 30 to December 1 Has been held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Chinas national leaders will attend 10 =▪”Bang Division” in Central and South America and the Caribbean. The so-called △…◁”Banglion” situation in the Taiwan authorities in November is in full swing. According to reports, Papua New Guinean Prime Minister Peter ONeill revealed that this year…▪-? sustainable procurementpost consumer recycled – seaqual fabric china supplier textile for packaging wholesale upholstery supplies,