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wholesale fabric distributors – cotton fabc whosa distburs.upholstery textile:Xinhua News Agency, March 24th□△: Jindess the Creation of the Party and National Supervision System – The National Supervision Committee produced a documentary reporter Jiang Jie Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhu Ji Mei Mei March 23, the National Monitoring Committee of the Peoples Republic of China was unveiled in Beijing , The deputy director of the new National Supervision Committee●•□, the Constitution of the Commission. Under the strong leadership of the party centrons party, under the spiritual guidance of the partys 19th National Spirit, deepening the national monitoring system reform and achieved significant results. The 13th National Peoples Congress has gone through the constitutional amendment and supervision law, and the National Monitoring Committee and its leaders have been formed to mark the Chinese characteristic national supervision system has been formed◆=. Soon…●, on March 11th, the third plenary meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress will vote “Chi.

Original title: Affected by the high-speed rail Xian Fei Chengdu flight sharp minus…▽, only one flight in the high-speed rail is continuously opened every day-☆△•, the road passenger transport is affected▲◁□, and the civil aviation uses its own advantages to attract the source of customers. Railway, civil aviation compete for the protagonist. With the arrival of the summer and autumn■◁◁▷, Xian Xianyang International Airport has increased flight density, and the total number of fast lines reached 20, and the fare of individual international routes was less than 1,000 yuan. Xian Fei Chengdu flight sharply reduced the high-speed rail to the high-speed rail not only affects the Western Han passenger shuttle, but also affects flights▪★. The reporter learned from a number of airlines that March 27th to 31st▪=▲, Xian Fei Chengdu 1 flight, two flights, but from April 1, there is only one flight. Mr. Li, the industry, said, generally 500 kilometers, high-speed rail to the impact of civil aviati!

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 Supreme Checklist Cao Jianming■▲•◁: Representing All recommendations will be notified of the National Procuratorate Xinyang News (Reporter Sha Xueliang) today (March 10), the 13th National Peoples Congress, a meeting, Sichuan The delegation considered two high reports, the National Peoples Congress, the highest inspection and supervisor Cao Jianming said■▪-☆, will listen to representative opinions and suggestions▽=, all of the representatives, the highest inspection will carefully=▽◇, analyze•▪▽○, and report to the national procuratorate◆▼▼◇. “I only wake up our question, we have the direction★◇◁.” After listening to 14 representatives of the Sichuan delegation, Cao Jianming summarized the 10 opinions made by the representative, including increasing telecommunications network fraud, illegal fundraising Strengthening the strike of crime☆•●, strengthening the intellectual property judicial protection, vigorously fighti▪▽.

Original title-▼: 98-year-old Professor, Gansu University of Medicine●=, the third national doctor Zhou Zhou Zhou Xin has a professor of Gansu University of Medicine●◁, Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine●■○●, learned from Gansu University of Medicine, the schools lifelong professor , The 3rd National Medicine Master Zhou Xin said that he was invalid because of the medical treatment, on March 10, 2018, at 6●■▼-:08 am○○, the year was 98 years old▷◆▷◁. Zhou Xin has a professor is a famous Chinese medicine family, TCM educator◇△=, Gansu Provinces first Chinese medicine, first, the second batch of national old Chinese medicine experts academic experience inheritance work, 2017 was rated as the 3rd National Medicine Master, is The first national doctor in Gansu Province. Zhou Xin has more than 70 years of medical obeys•★▲▼, the virtue is highly expected, the medical skills★•◆=, the rigorous treatment, and the profoundness is deep, and it has made an excellent contribution to the traditional Chinese medicin.

Original title☆▪★: It is recommended to cancel the scope of legal aid, limit the existing legal aid, and does not match the requirements of “Aid=▲=-“. Legal aid is a legal security system-▼, which is organized by the governments legal aid agencies, providing consulting=•◁▷, agents, criminal defense, such as citizenship and special cases▪☆★-, and a legal guarantee system such as consultation, agents○◇○◆, criminal defense. my countrys legal aid system has been established to now★◁-, has gone over more than 20 years=◁, and todays social aid rates are constantly improving. In May 2015, the 12th meeting of the Central Committee of the Reform Leading Group was reviewed to adopt the “Opinions on Perfecting Legal Aid System”, and General Secretary Xi Jinping also published an important speech on the work of legal aid. But also to see that the existing legal aid system limit will be ve. cotton fabric wholesale

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