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marine pollution:Original title: Social Security Fund Council is divided into financial management experts: conducive to Social Security Fund Budget Operations Politics New Beijing News (Reporter Wu Xi), in accordance with the State Council reform plan announced in the morning today (March 13), national society Safeguarding the Parties Relationship between the Fund Council, the management of the State Council is adjusted by the Ministry of Finance▲◇▷▷. At the same time◇●○, as a fund investment operation organization, the National Social Security Fund will no longer clarify the administrative level. What is the fund investment operator●□? In October 2015•▪★, the “Basic Endowment Insurance Fund Investment Management Measures” released, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Human Social Social Social Social Social Social Social Social Social Social Social Social Social Social Department introduced, entrusted the investment funds gap and allocation◇▽, and the standard fund will be divided into the local and trusted institutions●•△. The process of drawing==△, clearly entrusting local and trusted institutional agreemen▼•-▷!

On February 25, Guangxi Chongzuo Daxin County Supervision Committee was established◇=○□. At this point, all the national provinces, autonomous regions-□▼▪, municipalities directly under the Central Government, and all levels of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps are completed•▲. Xinhua View WeChat public number Titland Title: Central Commission for Discipline Inspection: The third-level supervision committee successfully forms a rich and practical thickness of the gains, all great careers, is the result of continuous struggle. On February 25…▪●▪, with the establishment of the Daxin County Supervision Committee of Guangxi Chongzuo City, all the national provincial counties three-level monitoring committees were completed●▽•, marking the national monitoring system reform, a key node. This is only a short four months of launching a reform pilot under the Central Party Central Committee in October 2017•●. It is easy but hard. The national supervision system reform is successfully promote.

Source○=: China Daily [US Trade Representative Office announced the second round of tariff plans, 15% of the imported Chinese products worth 16 billion US products, take effect on August 23] According to CNN, the US Trade Representative Office is in the US local time On Tuesday☆●▼, a list of Chinese products worth about $ 16 billion is announced★-, and it is said that from August 23, the product will be levied on the list of 25% of the product○▷. The list contains 279 of the initial 284 tariffs in the prosecution list announced on June 15. Editor in charge: Joe Lehua SN0-■■★.

Original title: Exclusive Hu Hangang responded “China” The China Regional Economy 50 Forum 2018 ◁★◆○”□◁▽●” Chinas “Chinas comprehensive exceeding the United States” in responding to the China New Commodity Reference. HuAnang said that the evaluation of others does not comment, it is recommended to see a professional article●■☆…, “the academic research must use academic form◇▽”, “our statement uses a professional intellectual property database to argue”. He said that China is in the worlds second world in international patents, definitely surpass the United States before 2020. Hu Hangang believes that ●△”academic research should be rigorous, and self-removal○▲, because we are experts upolstery supplies medical textiles marine plastic pollution!

Original title: March manufacturing and non-manufacturing PMI double-double enhancement – the first indicator shows that the macroeconomic opening is good March 31, the National Bureau of Statistics Service Research Center and China Logistics and Purchase Federation have released the China Procurement Managers Index. In March, the manufacturing PMI is 51.5%◇■☆▼, rose to a high point in the first quarter•▷◆•; the non-manufacturing business activity index is 54☆▼▷▪.6%, and the overall continuation of a smooth and fast operating pattern; the integrated PMI output index is 54…△.0%, indicating that my countrys enterprise production and operation The event is generally expanded. The manufacturing PMI rose to the first quarter high-level national statistical service survey center senior statistician Zhao Qinghe analysis■□△, in March☆▷△, with the construction of the company in the Spring Festival, the manufacturing production and business activities accelerated▽▪▼…, the production index and the new order index were 53.1%. wi.seaqual fabric supplier – Upcycled Marine Plastic,