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plastic sea – technical textiles!textile solution:Original title: The positive momentum of the peninsula should be kept down (bell) =▷•”Peoples Daily” (March 10, 2018) has a goodwill to fight for peace, to promote and meet the opportunities March 9=●, Xi Jinping Chairman Approximately the US President Tri General Phone, focusing on the current Korean Peninsula and the relationship between the two countries. Xi Jinping pointed out that China firm is committed to achieving non-verified Korean peninsula, maintaining peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula, and insists on solving problems through dialogue. Trump said that the fact that the President of Xi insisted that the United States should have the proposition of dialogue with North Korea. The United States is very grateful and attaches great importance to the important role of the Chinese in the Korean Peninsula issue△▷●•. I hope to continue to closely communicate with China. Active changes in the situation in the Korean peninsu.

Original title: [Follow] @ 所有业 职工, on the recent adjustment of pensions▼•, you want to know here to enter the topic: Policy · Sina News Focus on the politics to pay attention to personnel gather Xinzhan netizens suggest that the public will abandon the old Jin Yichun, the Social Security Bureau ▷●…◁: Morning Anti-Social Responsibility Editor◇◆: Huo ◇△.

Original title: Wang Yong: The 13th National Peoples Congress of the National Health, held the fourth plenary meeting on the 13th National Peoples Congress on the 13th▽★◁●, listening to the statement of the National Peoples Congress on the draft monitoring law, listening to the State Councils reform The document of the program, the draft decision on the establishment of the 13th National Peoples Congress specialized committee●▼, the voting meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress Director-○•, Vice Director▪▲◁, Committee, Vote, Voting the 13th National Peoples Congress And the Committee on the Legal Committee◁★, Director of the Financial and Economic Committee◁■▼, member of the Deputy Director▪◁○◇, and the Committee selected two draft draft. The following is a live record: Wang Yong: (5) forming a national health and health committee. Peoples health is an important symbol of national prosperity and national prosperity. f yarn seaqual fabric chinese supplier!

Original title: Domestic unique national aviation engine turbine blade production demonstration line landing Guian New District March 9th The production demonstration line is listed in Guian New District. This is the only national air engine turbine blade production line in China◇☆▪. According to reports, the first phase of this demonstration production line will start construction in May, and the plant has more than 300 mu, including more than 200 acres, located in the northern park of high-end equipment manufacturing park in Guian New District. In June 2019▼▽, the first phase production line will be put into production▽■-. It is reported that on November 7, 2017◆○□□, Guian New District and China Airlines signed an investment cooperation agreement, and the plan total investment is about 262 million yua•○▽◆.

Hong Kong Special Administrative Regional Expo•…▷, Lin Zheng Yue, welcomes the Legislative Council on May 27th through the “Perfect Election System (Comprehensive Amendment) Bill◇◇▷” (••★◁”Bill”)▽△☆, describing this is to ensure that -●”Patriot Governor” is ensured Time to significant sign. Lin Shi Yue said: “The political chaos in Hong Kong in recent years fully explains the vulnerabilities in Hong Kong election system, which makes the opposite chaos, and enters the Political system of the SAR, which seriously damages the Hong Kong constitutional order, endangering national security and hindering governance. In order to block the vulnerability, the chaos, the National Peoples Congress (National Peoples Congress) passed the decision on improving the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Election System on March 1. sustainable fabric