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sustainable material – ocean floor!home textiles:Original title: The overall plan of Xiongan New District is going forwarded in June▲◆•, Wang Xiaohui, Beijing report, thousands of calls▽◆, and the overall plan of Xiongan new district will eventually set. “The overall plan of Xiongan New District is up to the central government▲●◇◆.” On May 22, the Vice President of China Urban Planning and Design Institute, the core designer Zhu Ziyu◁•, the core designer Zhu Ziyu, the 6th Tsinghua University, the Sixth Tsinghua University “I said. Establishing an Xiongan New District is a major historic strategy choice made by Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. This is a new district that has a national significance after the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shanghai Pudong New Area is a millennium□▪◁. According to the reporter, Xiongan New District is responsible for the important functions of discovery Beijing non-Capital function, the ▪○○”Beijing City Master Plan” (201☆=.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall be invited to the Korean government, and Xi Jinpings Special Representative of President▪△▽, the Chief of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Yang Jiechi, director of the Central Foreign Affairs Work Committee, will visit South Korea from the 29th to 30th. Editor in charge▲☆☆: Zhang Yili◆•▼▷.

Original title: Online processing, non-menstruation, motor vehicle traffic violation business officially opened the Beijing News News (Reporter Yan Jianfei) reporter learned from the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau Open. The vehicle driver can handle a fine of a fine of 200 yuan and below▼◆■=, and the cumulative score is less than 12 points. Single illegal penalty is not more than 200 yuan, the cumulative score is less than 12 points online handling illegal record Beijing Traffic Management Department said=□▷, relying on the Ministry of Public Security Internet Traffic Management Integrated Service Platform•△▽◇, now officially opened the driver and non-menacked motor vehicle self-help binding business Driver, all people of the vehicle can log in to the “traffic control 12123″ mobile app, by filling out the information●•, uploading photos▷-◇▼, verifying the pho.

Original title: Line 6 will run ★●”big station express train★★” for the secondary center yesterday afternoon★△▲★, two lines of new cars parked in the East and small units▪■. Our reporter Deng Wei took the underground cross-section of Beijing City No▽=. 6 will be staged after the real “big station running fast car”. The reporter learned yesterday that the relevant departments are studying the new operations of Line 6 will be •-□”large station express cars•★○•” for the deputy center. The express train will get rid of some of the middle stations, so that the public will quickly travel to the city center of the city. Changying Station Tongyun Tongyun Station reserved orbit “Taiwan Express” has two characteristics, fast speed, and large station spacing. Line 6 is equipped with Beijings first train to 100 kilometers, this speed is the fastest in operation lines=●…. If you want to implement the “station spacing”, you have to challenge it is difficult•▷▷. Line 6, especially urban paragraph□…, c.

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