marine litter – recycled plastic bottle

ocean clean-up:Original title: The dean of private life confusion-▪☆▽, after being kidnapped and took 10,000 days ago▷=▷, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Laibin City Discipline Inspection Commission issued a news☆■, informing the original sectors of the Laibin City Peoples Hospital to make an expenses decision□☆★, Suspected crime transfer procuratorate review prosecution□△◆▼. On August 3, the procuratorate took the arrest for arrest…■○▷. Zhou Fang (data map) was investigated by Vice President, Dean of the Peoples Hospital of Libin City, and heard peoples gifts; violating life discipline, and many women happened for a long time Keep an unpreterability relationship; violating national laws and regulations, using the convenience of the position to take advantage of interests and accept property=◆…, and still do not converge in the partys 18th National Congress, the amount is especially huge, suspected of accepting bribe□★△.

Original title…○◁•: China Office jointly issued: Local party and government leading cadres obstruct the safety accident investigation will be accountable for the Beijing News News (Reporter Wang Mengyao) Recently, China Office, National Office issued “Local Party and Government Leading Cadres Safety Production Responsibility Regulations “State” clearly, the local party and government leading cadres are obstructed, and the interference production safety accident investigation and processing will be accountable☆▪-. The reporter learned that this is the partys internal law in my countrys first security production field△•, and “provisions” will be implemented from April 8, 2018. The △◇○”provisions…★” clarified the safety production responsibilities of the main person in charge of the local party committee and above the county level, the safety production responsibilities of the government, other person in charge. The responsibilities of the main person in charge include including safety production into government key work and important content of government work reports, and organize safety production planning a•▪□▽.

Original title: my country released foreign investment payment institutions to restriction Xinhua News Agency□…□, Beijing■△, March 21 (Reporter Xu) reporter learned from the Peoples Bank of China from China, in order to promote the formation of payment service market▪=•, the central bank has released an announcement , Clear foreign investment payment institution access and regulatory policies. Welcome and encourage foreign institutions to participate in the development and competition of Chinas payment service market▷▽. According to the announcement, foreign agencies intend to provide electronic payment services for domestic transactions and cross-border transactions in my country, and should set up foreign investment companies in China○◇, and obtain payment services and procedures according to the conditions and procedures of the “Regulations” of Non-Financial Institutions. license. Announcement clearly defines the payment business infrastructure. Foreign investment payment institutions should have safety□▼○○, standardization, and energy in our countr◇■▼.