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material consulting:Original title: The leading cadre should be a model of Chongde to be good, and the good tradition of the Chinese nation and the valuable spiritual wealth. Promoting the development of socialism with socialism in the new era, must strengthen ideological and moral construction in the whole society△◁•=, forming a social atmosphere of Chongde▲-==, and a civilized style. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that leading cadres should speak to Germany. Politics is the wind direction of the whole social moral construction◇-. Leading cadres should earnestly fall into the important instructions of General Secretary General Secretary, strive to make socialist moral demonstrations, good fortune, become a model of Chongde■○=. A deep understanding of the importance of Chongdes goodness. The ancients said, “For the politics, such as Beichen,▼▲☆” the stars are all “” “” “…□” “” “▽▲” “●=★●” “▽☆▪◆” “” “△◆★◇” ◆▪…”•□▪▷” “☆□★□” “” ” Leading cadres are important positions△•, shouldering important duties○◆▪★, mu•▽■.

Original title: US chip giant beauty technology is ruling in China, and is related to China and US trade relations? [Global Network Comprehensive Report] On July 4■●◁, 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Lu Hou hosted a routine reporter meeting, and there were reporters asked that it was reported that the US chip production business technology company sued a state-owned enterprise and a Taiwanese company in mainland China□◁. Stealing its technique. Fuzhou Intermediate Peoples Court Yesterday, the US light company was banned from selling part of the chip products in China==□●. Is the court chose to introduce the ban on the temporary trade relationship between China and the United States? Lu Hong responded that I understand this should be a business case for intellectual property protection. For details◆–◁, it is recommended that you understand the competent department. Here I want to emphasize two points: First, China is the rule of law country, strictly acts in accordance with the law-★○•, and provides all compani.

Zhongxin◇◆▪….com Wuhan May 27th (Liang Ting Li Bin) “14th Five-Year Plan◆■-” Prevention and treatment▲…▪■. Hubei Provincial Ecological Environment held a press conference on the 27th, introducing the provinces ecological environment quality. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period▷◆▼•, the Hubei water environment continued to improve. According to the notification, in 2020▲▽▼, the main water quality of the main rivers in Hubei Province is excellent. The provinces 179 provincial-controlled river monitoring and disconnections, the water quality is the section I-III section accounts for 93○◇◆.9%, class IV accounts for 6△●•.1%, no V and inferior V Section. Compared with 2019▷-•▽, the I-III section proportion rose 2△-.