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econyl fabric:Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions, Jiangsu Provincial Party Secretary, Qi Qin-☆▲: Jiangsus industry is still in the low-end low-end in the global industrial chain, on the afternoon of March 6, Jiangsu Open Day●★▷. Beijing News (Reporter Chen Peng) On March 6th, at the opening day of the Jiangsu delegation, he talked about how to conduct high-quality development topics, the Jiangsu Provincial Party Secretary said Jiangsu. The current short board includes the industry is still in the middle and low-end▷▼…, regional development imbalances, urban and rural development imbalances. “How to make high quality development, you must see which short boards in Jiangsu.☆•” Completely said that the industry of Jiangsu is still in the middle and low-ends of the global industry chain, and it is strong in China▽▪, but from the global industry chain. From the perspective of the layout, there is no comprehensive high-end level□◇▷-. High spe▪□△!

Original title•-▽: Beijing-foreign purchase of household accumulation funds do not have to prove the Beijing News (Reporter Sha Xueliang) to apply for the purchase of household funds in the province and city, and apply for the adoption by the adoption of the parents to enter the household, enter the cities in the city of China Wait, all will bid farewell to proof. A few days ago, Beijings third batch canceled 50 municipal sectors, and the issuance of the business units requested to start business involving enterprises and mass offices★□☆▽, the reporter learned that since 2016, Beijing has canceled the enterprises set by the municipal sector Entrepreneurship certificate. The 26 grassroots proves that the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Peoples Government Approval System Reform Office has been verified that 50 certificates have been adjusted to verify◇▼☆◁, network-speech△☆, internal information sharing◆-◇•, etc.☆▪•, from ●▲■◇”masses▼▪■☆” Rou.

Original title☆◁□•: National Peoples Congress representative Guo Nako suggested that the Chongyang Festival was included in the National Peoples Congress of the National Peoples Congress, and Guo Naoshuo, deputy director of the Peoples Council Jilin Provincial Committee. Yangguang◆ comes from the National Peoples Congress of the Jilin Group, Guo Nako▷-▷□, proposes: Set the Chongyang Festival as a statutory holiday. The annual lunar calendar is the nine Chinese festival▪▼=, which is an important traditional festival in my country. Filial piety – respecting the old love is old, is an important connotation of the Chongyang Festival, and is the most important and most basic traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Since the 1980s▲▽, my countrys local local places have set the Chongyang Festival as “Elderly”◁△, advocate the old, respecting the elderly, love the old, and helping the old people. On December 28, 2012, the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress vote through the newly revised “Law of the Elderly”▲=▪, which clarified the annual lunar calendar in September☆●, “senior festival▼•”, conv. non woven fabric making machine professional corporationrecycle in tagalog – car interior upholstery pink satin post-consumer polyester!