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seaquel:Original title★■☆▪: Multi-department linkage to strengthen Beijing South Station transportation guarantee source: Changan Street■■, Zhiro Sun Hongyang Editor Song Jiayin reported on the transportation guarantee and transportation order of Beijing South Railway Station in recent media, yesterday, Municipal Transportation Committee, Beijing Railway Bureau, Fengtai District Government◁•, Beijing South Railway Station Management Committee, etc-▪., etc., rapidly▼…, in Beijing South Railway Station, holds a site meeting, research transportation guarantee▲▽=•, transportation order governance and service improvement. At present, the transportation department has increased the nighttime rental capacity, increase the diversified line of the bus high-speed railway◇…-▷, and the law enforcement departments increase the illegal cracking efforts, and the road peripheral roads around the South Railway Station have been implemented for a long time, multi-point, and all mode. Yesterday, the person in charge of the relevant departments came to Beijing South Railway Station, and the rental scheduled station, the Northeast Plaza bus hu.

Original title: Ecode Pollution Prevention and Law Enforcement Monitoring Ecological Environment Department Annual Budget Super Billion Periacy reporter Chen Zexiu sent from Guangzhou April 13, 91 central sectors have focused on 2018 budget. This is the ◁-•”State Council Institutional Reform Plan◁▼” adopted○▲◇, the central department first sun budget, and the central sector has been disclosed in the ninth year of the year. As the newly established department, the Ecological Environment Department is based on the Original Environmental Protection Department=▷●, which has been related to the relevant duties of six sectors such as the Development and Reform Commission▷▲, Water Resources, Ministry of Agriculture. According to the regulations•☆, the Ecological Environment Department is still based on the original Environmental Protection Department, involving functions and budgetary income and expenditure▼▲■▷, and needs to be explained. Compared with last year, the Ecological Environment Department expenditure budget increased by 5▪=.038 billion yuan★◇, reaching 12.155 billion yuan□◇, an increase of over 7.

Original title: Hello! On March 17▽…○▽, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress approved the State Council institutional reform programs. According to the program, the State Council set up 26 components, including and re-establish 9 sectors. This morning, the person in charge of these 9 new departments has also been decided by the General Assembly vote. Minister of Natural Resources: Lu Weis responsibilities△▲, national development and reform committees of the Ministry of Land and Resources, planning responsibilities, urban and rural planning management responsibilities of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development▷□, and the Water Resources Survey and Authority Registration Management Responsibilities , The grassland resource survey and registration of the Ministry of Agriculture registration management, the national forestry bureau forestry△◁…, wetland and other resource surveys and registration management responsibilities, the national oceanic bureaus responsibilities◇☆-…, national surveying and mappi. ocean wasterecycled nylon.

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