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technical fabric:Original title: National Net Truna Office and other three sectors talk about “Beautiful shot” network live short video platform recent, “Beautiful shot” network live short video platform spreads the minors vulgar bad information, destroying network ecology, and seriously affects youth body and mind health-▲▷. On June 1st, the National Net Trust Office will follow the General Administration of Radio, Film and Television••◆○, and the Land Network Letter Office shall jointly discuss the -◆”beautiful shoot” related personnel according to law, and put forward serious criticism and order to completely rectify. Previously, the State Net Letter Office has stopped updating service penalties on the issue of serious illegal information on “Beauty)▷△…. The verification found that “beauty shoot” failed to rectify, the companys subjects responsibility is missing, neglect video content management, social public order, public opinion, due to the purpose of being used to get angle, to obtain traffic, continue to spread minors clothing…▷○, Sexuali!

Original title: At the next month, the Airport Railway Station strictly investigated △■”Black Car•▪=” on June 14-•, the Municipal Traffic Law Enforcement Corps and Chaoyang Traffic Detachment were checked against 4 illegal operational motor vehicles around Baisi Bay subway▽▲. Profile photo / Beijing News reporter Wu Jiangjing Xinjing News (Reporter Yan Jianfei) Yesterday▲◇, the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission and the Transportation Committee Law Enforcement Corps, Beijing traffic broadcasting, “Several provisions of the” Beijing City investigation of illegal passenger transport ” ▷◇▪”(Hereinafter referred to as” specified “) is interpreted. ★■…▽”Regulations•▼” clearly◇◇■, from July, the city transportation department will strictly check the …◁○•”black cruise car” in key areas such as airports and railway stations•=★. In addition, the ◁-□▽”black cruise car” has a maximum of 50,000 yuan, and the illegal information of illegally passenger personnel will be included in the citys credit information system▪◆. Penalty upgrade: “Black To.

China News Agency, May 26 (Reporter Chen Mengchang) The shooting case occurred in San Jose▼★, California, so that the President Bidens 4 months in the past five months ordered the whole beauty. The shooting incident occurred in San Jose, Northern California, USA, causing at least 8 deaths and 1 injuries, and the gunman committed suicide in the case◁▷★◇. After the incident, Biden specially issued a statement to mourn the family members of the victim, and ordered the whole beauty to fall half a flag for 5 days. According to the White House official website announcement△…▲★, since then▽■, Biden has previously been a shot of the Atlantian Dalian ring▪…△▷, the Colorado Borode Supermarket shooting case, the Indianapolis Federal Express Factory shooting three degrees issued a preside△●◇◁?

Original title: Scholars talk about the establishment of Natural Resources: Avoid planning …•▷•”fighting▲◇▼”★=△, saving administrative costs March 13, the State Council institutional reform plan for consideration of the 13th National Peoples Congress. After the adjustment of the State Council institutional reform program, the Ministry of State-level agencies were reduced•◆▷◇, 7 deputy-level agencies, except that the State Councils Office■=◁•, 26 formulation sectors, the State Councils institutional reform plan has caused strong reverberation in Tianjin The reform of the State Council will promote the economic development of the State Councils reform is the profound change of national governance▽▼. ◆☆◁◁”The State Council Institutional Reform Plan is an important deployment of the Party Central Committee from strategic global and long-term development. It is 40 years of reform, and the reform is the largest◇▷●, involved The most wide▷◁•, reflecting the management system and the modernization of the management capaci. chinese seaqual fabricpost consumer recycled plastic – repve fiber bci certification oceanworks plastic,