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material consulting:Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 28, Prime Minister Li Keqiang, who launched the activities to China-ASEAN Sustainable Development, on May 28◁▲. Li Keqiang said that advancing sustainable development is the fundamental policy of solving many global problems-■. Last year, I jointly announced the year of the ASEAN national leader to China-ASEAN Sustainable Development Cooperation◇□□■, which is to enhance both parties to cooperate with climate change◇☆◆■, poverty reduction, etc., and to achieve sustainable Development creates multifaceted favorable conditions◇□△■. Li Keqiang pointed out that this year also coincides with the 30th anniversary of China-ASEAN establish a dialogue relationship, both parties and cooperation have achieved great development▼★=◁. China has always regarded ASEAN as a surroundi?

Original title: The worlds eyes focus on Chinas two sessions (Wanghai Tower) National CPPCC 13th a meeting and the 13th National Peoples Congress will open on March 3 and March 5 respectively. At present, more than 3☆□▲,000 Chinese and foreign journalists have signed up for two sessions of the country, including more than 2□-,000 reporters in the territory◁☆◆, more than 1◇◇•,000 Hong Kong▪◁▲, Macao and Taiwan reporters and foreign reporters. The two will once again become a great window of the world to observe China■▲▪. ○▲=”China is strong” is a core issue that countries pay attention to China. In 2018, the 10th anniversary of the international financial crisis broke out▪◇▷•, the world economy is warm and the risk is still existed, and the recovery is fragile and lacks sustainability…▲△▷. Chinas contribution rate for world economic growth is more than 30%. On the eve of the two sessions, the State Council announced the implementation of the 2017 “Government Work Report▽☆▼” quantitative indicator ta.

Original title=•▽: Hazard “public health” can be enabled▷◇▽◆! “Round and leave”▼•○, longevity creatures to send long-lived creatures: Gun. Wen Panhe Lin 27th▼▽•●, the SFC launched a new application of enforcement – hazarding public health and safety. The ◆○△●”Decision on the Amendment” issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission is clear▲▽, involving major illegal activities in the field of national security◆◆★•, public safety, ecological security, production safety and public health and safety-…, the stock exchange should be strictly suspended according to law, and the companys stock listing transaction should be terminated. In the context of the preparation of the longevity••○☆, the “public health and safety” can trigger a mandatory to retreat, there is no doubt●-▷, if you say◆□, what system can avoid this type of no-line compa▪▷-.

Original title△…●◇: Ministry of Commerce Announcement on Adjustment of the Anti-dumping Tax Rate Approved by Imported Ethylene Glycol and Diethol of the United States and Some EU Corporations [Publishing Unit] Ministry of Commerce of the Peoples Republic of China [ Post number] Announcement No. 32 of 2018 [Release Date] On April 4…▲★, 2018, January 25, 2013, the Ministry of Commerce (hereinafter referred to as investigation authorities) released No▲•◇=. 5 of 2013, which is originally produced in the United States and the European Union The imported ethylene glycol and monohydrin monobutae levied anti-dumping duties▲★○, and the implementation period was 5 years from January 28, 2013-■•. On February 8, 2017▼◇=▲, Jiangsu Denna Chemical Co.…◆■=, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as domestic industrial applicants) represent Chinas glycol and diethylene glycol in the investigation authori?

Original title: US-Japan India ★-“enclose◁▼◆▼” China□□▲-, confronting the ◇•”one way”? Wang Yi: During the small circle△▲◁, there is no market liberation date▷▪•. Investors, Zhu Yizhen, Wang Hai Yan★◇■, Chen Hao=▼, who responded to the “India▲▷▽•” strategy, said Wang Yi said that there is an endless in the world, just like the spray on the Pacific Ocean. Some people rendering the so-called printing strategy is to enclose China◇★◁•, but the four officials immediately came out◇=■, they did not intend to target any country. I hope they are telling the truth, I hope they are consistent. Is the “Mattar Strategy•△■” aimed to confront the ▷◁○”all the way■=▪▽” initiative•▷★=? Wang Yi said that “all the way○◆” has received more than 100 countries, it is in that place. In todays era, there is no time to pick up the cold war△■…•, and then dont have a small circle against the market. Cli-…. upcycle plasticecological fabric – post consumer recycled ocean clean-up recycled nylon fabric!