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ocean pollution:Original title▷○: 3 Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission secretary returned to Beijings latest news, the Standing Committee of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Director of the Discipline Inspection Committee, director of the Commission for Discipline Inspection▪•, has returned to Beijing, returning to him for many years of the Supreme Peoples Court, and member members. On the morning of July 30th•…□★, Zhou Qiang, the Party Secretary of the Supreme Peoples Court, presided over the Party Committee of the Supreme Peoples Court, listening to the report of the implementation of the trial implementation work in the first half of 2018, Rongdongchuan attended the meeting▷★. This month, the Supreme Law has a persons change: member of the party group☆…●▲, Director of the Political Department, Xujiaxin, Jilin◆…●★, is now the party secretary, deputy dean of the senior peoples court of Jilin Province, and dean. Luo Dongchuan Changan Street, IC (WeChat ID•▲▲=: Capitalnews) noted that Luo Dongchuan is the recent number 3 to return to Beiji?

Since May, China Weather Network has frequent rainstorms in the south, and the rainfall is significant. The rainfall is short and the rain is high, leading to the rise of some rivers and lakes, and disaster●▽◆▲. At present▲▲◆, there have been 6 rounds of rainfall in the south, which is expected to win a new round of heavy rainfalls (May 28), and the public needs to strengthen secondary disasters that prevent multi-wheel heavy rainfall▲▷-. In May, the 6-wheeled rainfall was frequently welcomed on May 27, and the South has shown a 6-round rainfall process in May 27 (May 2 to 4, May 10 to 12, May 10 to 12, May From 13 to 16, May 19 to 20, May 26 to 24, May 26 to 27•○◆•, more experienc.

Original title: Beijing motor vehicle limit will continue for a year! In order to effectively consolidate the effectiveness of gas pollution, reduce motor vehicle pollutant emissions, continue to improve the air quality of the capital, the municipal government decided to continue to implement the working day from April 9, 2018☆•, continued to implement the working day (due to the holiday holiday And adjusted to the Saturday and Sundays on Saturday○…★, there are traffic management measures in the peak hours. The relevant matters are notified as follows: 1▽□. Central state organs in the municipal administrative region, the party and government organs of the city▪▷•, the central and civilian and state-owned enterprises in the municipality, and the public car of the state-owned enterprises The weekly stops a day (0 hours to 24), and the range is the road in the administrative region of the city. Second, according to the “Road Traffic Safety Law of the Peoples Republic of China★◇□▽” and “Beijing Atmospheric Polluti.

Original title★◇●=: Guangdong Qingyuan Police: “Guangdong Yingde…•=, a boy rabies attack”, the new Beijing News (Reporter Zhao Kaidi) For the online hot “Yingde one boy is biting◇◆▪, no rabies vaccine☆□○, sudden attack” video Today, (March 2)▽◆, the Net Police Detachment of Qingyuan Public Security Bureau in Guangdong Province rumors that the network police detachment understands the related epidemic prevention department of Yingde City●▪●◇, and the response recently did not receive the rabies, the information and videos Belonite. A video obtained by the Beijing News reporter showed that a boy was controlled by three adults on the chair○▷▽☆, and the boy kept crying and issued a dogs voice-=…. For the above video▼○, some netizens released the information that the boy was bitten by his own dog•▽▲◇, and did not play a vaccine at the time. There are also netizens said that “this family is Guangdong Yi. chinese seaqual fabric chinese wholesale fabric suppliers together for a clean ocean china seaqual fabric,