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apparel textile:Wei Chaoluan-▽, deputy mayor of the Jiaozuo Municipal Peoples Government■△…-, was suspected of serious violations, and has automatically investigated the case, which is currently accepting the discipline review and supervision of the Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission. Wei Chaojie, Qi Chaojie, male☆◇★▼, Han nationality, born in February 1963, Henan new secret person▽•, graduate degree-◁, May 1984, July 1986 participated in work. July 1986 – December 1998□■, the Office of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection; December 1998 – December 2000, Mengzhou City Deputy Mayor; December 2004, May 2004, Mengzhou Municipal Committee Deputy Secretary; 2004 May – September 2004…▪○▪, Deputy Secretary of Mengzhou Municipal Committee■●-, Mayor; September 2004 – November 2010, Deputy Secretary, Mengzhou Municipal Committee, mayo!

Original title: A man in Shaanxi is suspected of illegally detained in the escape tour of Leshan Buddha scenic spots, the net police will control the lives (public security for map) cover news reporter Li Wei▷…☆, Dingwei, June 1□=, 11 am, a suspected Shaanxi◆☆.com Escape came to the Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area. After receiving the information, the Leshan Municipal Public Security Bureau special patrol detachment immediately organized the civilian policeman and rushed to the scenic spot to verify this situation▷△. At 14 oclock on the same day…■, in front of Lingyun Temple in Leshan Buddha Scenic Area, the casual clothes found the man, and then according to law, the man said, the man said that she did not carry any personal identity documents, and unable to provide personal valid identity information on the police◆◇. The casual waters plan to bring it back to the detachment to continue the investigation, so take it out of the scenic spot…▼. When a group of people walked to the East Gate of Scenic Area●◁□, there were many scenic tourist?

Original title☆•: Foreign Ministry spokesperson talked about China to take restrictions on China: Come on the non-salute●•◆◆, Xinhua News Agency, Beijing March 23 (Reporter Yan Zimin) Foreign Ministry Spokesman Huat Chunying on the 23rd to answer the US decision on China When the beauty product takes a restriction measures, I hope that the US will seriously treat the Chinese stand, rational decision-making, do not smash the sesame, throwing watermelon, which is harmed more harm. At the date of the reporter, there were reporters asked: 22nd US Time 22, the US President Trump signed the presidential memorandum of tariffs on Chinas lived products. Navaro▪▲▽○, director of the US White House State Trade Commission•△▼, said that Chinas benefits in the United States and China are far more than the US, which means that China will make it difficult to make a decision to retaliate. Do you recognize his statement? Hua Chunying said, □■. eco friendly textile textile solution – recycled plasc.

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