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keep oceans clean:Original title: Communists must read the Marxism “Truth” (Peoples Almighty) “Peoples Daily” (April 27◁●□■, 2018) Xi Jinping comrades pointed out that Marxism is the △▼=”Truth” of our Communists□■◆. ◇▲•” True Jing “did not read it, always think about” Xi Tian to take the scrub …□☆”○▼, it is necessary to delay the event••□★! Emphasizing Marxism is the “Truth” of our Communists, requiring the Communists to read their own ●…◇”Truth”, fully reflect the relationship between the Communists and Marxism “Body” and ▷▽▪◇”Soul”. We must deeply feel and grasp the new era of socialism with the new era of the new era of socialism with the new era□•○. In the 200th anniversary of Marx, the Communist Party Declaration issued the 170th anniversary○=……, some people still think about “We.

Original title◁-▪■: Hua Shengying: ▽▼”One Belt Road◆◆▪○” brings major opportunities to the Global Enterprise On March 21st Foreign Ministry, there is a reporter asked: Recently●…, US media CNBC (Consumer News & Business Channel) passed The analysis of the financial search engine is shown, including Honeywell, HSBC▲▷, Siemens, Rio Tinto, Schneider Electric and other multinational executives say that “all the way▼●” initiative provides a rare business opportunity. In the field of infrastructure, a large number of new opportunities have brought a lot of new opportunities, and they have improved their existence in the relevant regions, indicating that it is necessary to actively seize the opportunities brought by the “One Belt” Initiative. Whats your opinion? Hua Chunying: I also saw the relevant reports you said. CNBC learns to use financial search engines to understand the United States and some world-renowned compani.

Original title: Li Bao Shan, the president of the Peoples Daily, and the General Chief of the Zheyu On April 3★△☆:30 am■•…, the Peoples Daily has held the leading cadre meeting, and the deputy director of the Ministry of China Zhou Zuyi○□, the executive vice president of the Central Propaganda Department, attended the meeting. At the meeting, Zhou Zuyi announced the central decision, Li Baishan was a member of the Peoples Daily, and the Chief Editor of the Peoples Daily News. Yang Zhenwu, former president△◇…, has elected the 19th Central Committee, the Secretary-General of the Standing Committee of the 13th National Peoples Congress. Li Bao Shan Li Bao Shans source Peoples Network Li Baohan, male▲◇, born in June 1955-=●•, Shanxi Jincheng, Han nationality, university degree▲=, review. Participated in September 1978. He has served as the deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee, and the director of the Provincial Government Information Office. In 1995◇★☆, he went to the Central Propaganda Department◁◆, and he served as deputy director of the Press Burea●•?

Original title=○◆●: Understanding the reform and opening up test of the new era of the new era▽◆, comrades pointed out in the 19th National Report of the Party, and we must deeply meet the governance test, reform and opening up test■■…☆, market economy test, and the long-term and complexity of external environment test. Sex▽■. The Communist Party of China is the leader of reform and opening up, and it is also facing many tests brought about by reform and opening up◆•. Effective should have a test of the reform and opening up of the new era party, which aspects have to be deeply understood, and what requirements have been put forward for the long-term governance capacity construction of the party. What is the inspection of the reform and opening up direction, what is the road? If the reform and opening up can be advanced in the correct direction. Ensuring that the reform and opening up always moves along the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, avoiding directionality, subversion errors, is a major reform and opening up of the new e post-consumer polyester-▷□•.

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