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outdoor clothing:Original title: 1 Zhenggang 4 deputy countries 12 positive leaders, the special place arrived on April 1=▲=○, 2017, Hebei Xiongan New District set up the annual anniversary. ▪◁”Government” (WeChat ID▲▽: xjbzse) noted that the day before the “Birthday Birthday”●•, March 31, Wang Dongfeng★•, and governor Xu Qin came to Xiongan New District☆•-. According to the “Hebei Daily•◇…□” report, this line is Wang Dongfeng, Xu Qin specialized in the investigation and examination of Xiongan New District■…○▼. The two have come to the Xiongan Citizen Service Center-□◁◇, the urban forest planting trees◇■•☆, Baiyangdian□◆◇, Township Datian Zhuang Village•△, etc. Refrigeration and other work report•▼, visit grassroots cadres and retired soldiers, extensi.

Representative of the National Peoples Congress, member of the deputy director of the National Committee of the Peoples Republic of China. Yangguangwang Titland title•▷△▪: National Peoples Congress representative Guo Naos Sustey suggests: Popularity of self-cultivation education, reshape the philosophy of etiquette, the Chinese nation since the understanding of “Slim Qijia Governing the country▷▽◇”, forming noble moral guidelines, complete etiquette norms and excellent The traditional virtue, honesty•△■△, respect the old, love the young△■, help people▲▷, known as the ●▼△”civilized ancient country, the state of etiquette”▽-=▽. In recent years★◁•◇, my countrys economy has developed rapidly, and there is no lack of moral model of ▲◇-★”moving China”, but there is no need, my countrys national quality does have different degrees of problems, such as dressing, spitting●△▪, throwing garbage◇▪▽△, loud, loud The moral lack of morality△▪▼, ★•▼”hit the porcelain” occurs when the behavior of civilized dissemination is happening. There are also many Chinese tour of outbound trave?

Original title: Media: Why is the private Internet company established a party organization that has a blowout? On the Internet knowledge sharing platform “Zhizhi”○△, a question about the establishment of the party committee on the OFO small yellow car, attracting many people△○★. Asked by the question○-, ●◇◆▷”Zhizhi” has also established the party branch△■○. In 2017, the fast-handed, US group comment, Sui Wei, such as Xinrui Internet companies, have set up party organizations. Before this◁▼◁, Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Jingdong, Sina and other Internet leading companies have already opened the party building. This phenomenon has attracted wide attention of public opinion. Since 1994, since the official access to the Internet, 20 years of wind and rain, China has born a group of world-class Internet companies, and the worlds top ten China dominates four◇☆. In the context of the construction network, my count◇☆.

Original title: (two sessions by the right to release) 13th National Peoples Congress held a preparation meeting Election Candarinary Bureau and Secretary-General Zhang Dejiang House Hosting the Conference Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 4th IV 13th National Peoples Congress First Meeting 4th A preparatory meeting in the Great Hall of the People. The selection of the meeting has produced the Presidium and Secretary General of the 13th National Peoples Congress, adopted an agenda of the 13th National Peoples Congress☆•. Zhang Dejiang, Chairman of the 12th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee■▷, presided over the meeting. A total of 2980 representatives of the 13th National Peoples Congress. As of March 3=○▲, 2976 representatives have been reported to the Secretariat of the General Assembly▽•. The 4th preparatory meeting•▪, attended 29◇▪▼□,51 people△●, absent 29○▲□, attending the number of statutory. Zhang Dejiang announced: 13th National Peoples Congre.litter in the ocean fabric wholesale direct bci cotton,