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performance textile home furnishings,post consumer:Original title: ▽▪▷▼”Three feet from the ground■▽▷, do not divide men and women☆□” Chen Jinlan levy unit executive large China Yuanhai training task. Liu Changs early spring early morning▽▲■, the warmth of the wind was in the earth◇○…. ▽◆…-“Booming ..■◆◆△.△◆☆▷” Among the Western Aircraft Aeronautical Aviation…▷…, a teacher of the Air Force Airborne, the plane is high, the double wings stretches, the wind is stabbed to the sky … Faces show, double 晶, 39 years old female, The special pilot Chen Jinlan steadily sits in the main driving position★□▽=, manipulating the airplane through the clouds, and the body shape and =▪▷▷”China Poly God” have a strong contrast. “Three feet from the ground, dont divide men and women fabric factory!●-” In the face of reporters, Chen Jinlans Jianbei picks, and smiled. From the 17 years ago★-▪, the school graduated from the troops, she took advantage of Liu Xiaolian-◁△☆, Yue Xi Cui, Cheng Xiajian and Liu Wenl.

China News Cooperative Beijing May 27th (Guo Chaokai) In recent years★★, the society has triggered a wide focus on the housing old settlement case. Bear Chief Committee of the Chinese Ministry of Justice was expressed in Beijing on the 27th, in recent years, the judicial administrative agency has taken a number of measures against ◁◆”households” fraud cases◁★. The national notarized industry has basically eliminated the illegal violations of violations in the ▼•☆▽”households△•” case○▲●. On the same day○□, the State Council held a policy routine◇▼■□, introducing the situation of optimizing notarized services to better and private enterprises▼▽◆☆. There is a reporter question, in recent years, “Households” settlement cases have triggered social attention•●, some of the criminals use the notary procedures to set the scam, and many of them have also involved, the Ministry of Justice △■.

Original title: This president with China has a half-century “Love=▼★” today. Source: Xinhua News Agency …☆”Global◆◇▼▽” magazine shall invite the President Xi Jinping, the President of Zimbabwe, Emerase Mikaba, to 6th China has conducted state affairs. On November 24, 2017, in the National Stadium of Harare…◁, Zimbabwe, Emerase Monaga (left) attended the oath of the president. Zimbabwe new President Emerson Monashawa is oath in Harrare on the 24th. Xinhua News News (Chen Yaqin) Monastea, in November 24, last November 24th, after receiving the “Global” magazine report△◇★, △◁▽”Jinzhong two countries, my mission is to consolidate and develop two countries. Friendly relationship=☆. I believe that the people of the two countri. upholstery fabric