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seaqual polyester:China Foreign Ministry (26th) held a routine reporter meeting. At the meeting◇▪, there were reporters asked, on the 25th, Yuan Keqin☆=●◇, a professor of the former Hokkaido Education University, was arrested by the Chinese government because of the suspected spy crime★=▼-, Yuan Keqin, Yuan Chengyu, and his supporters held a press conference. Yuan Chengyao, etc○◇=., I hope that Yuan Keqin can be cleaveed and released soon, and I hope that the two countries can restore security in peace. What is Chinas comment? Zhao Lijian, spokesman Zhao Lie◇□□, said that Yuan Keqin is Chinese citizen, but for a long time, in accordance with the requirements of the espionage of the Japanese emotional organ△☆…, Yuan Keqin is required to engage in Chinas spy intelligence activities for the Japanese□▪▼. Yuan Keqin has been approved by the Chinese National Security Department by the Chinese National Security Department because of the suspected spy crim◇●◁.

Original title◆○●◇: Chinas spine industry in China is a disaster▼◁? On the 3rd local time, the US government announced the directory of Chinas imported product lists that they were about to levy, thus putting this round of the “China Trade War” picked up by the US government into a more dangerous second phase○=★. China imported products that will be levied by the United States include from [semiconductor], [lithium battery]◆□●◁, [flat-screen TV] to [Medical Equipment] and [Aircraft Parts] and other [1300]. The most eye-catching is that many American media have said Chinas high-tech manufacturing products account for the most proportions in this list. And this also shows the US governments trade war for us, not just Trump claims to punish “Chinese stole.

Original title: Female representatives have issued the two sessions, the National Peoples Congress representative◆△□•, the Chairman of the Shanghai Fukhen Assessment Group▼■, Fan Wei=◁, who was ◁…”Shouting☆○△=”, the Chairman of the Secret Committee of the Securities Regulatory Commission, received the phone and SMS of Liu Shixiao★◁☆. A few days ago▼▼, in the interview•▼☆, “I talked about some suggestions for the stock market◇□★☆, I received a SMS and telephone number of the Secret Committee Liu Chairman, and he invited me to see you.” She said□△△, I didnt expect that Liu Shis chairman will personally contact her=▼. On the afternoon of March 5, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a plenary meeting to deliberate the governments work report. The Chairman of the Secret Committee•…, Liu Shi Yu◇▽, listened to the suggestion of the representative•△. “Government•▪” (WeChat ID: XJBZSE) noted that at that time, Fan Wei fell to the securities marke▲△….

Original title: Openman has a true scenery (bell) “Peoples Daily◁□-” (March 26, 2018)□…△…, the tide of the tide, and the hands of the red flag flag△▷▪. However, in this way, open open-minded momentum and brave, can make the wind and unlimited future trade protectionism•◆•. Recently, a round of round…▪, the United States launched a large-scale critic tariff attack on imported goods■▷■■, released the tension of the major trade war in the global market, and those who were as the economic “barometer” stock market quickly turned into the market, and destroyed the market value, Impact confidence. It is indeed the moment of anti-global anti-wind, and the high wall of the protectedist is erected, and the foreign media has issued ●◁”the world to enter the top of the snow▲▽” era “. People are asking, some countries have encountered their own developme.

Original title: Focusing “Old Record”, 8 pictures Tell you how to listen to Prime Minister to the Peoples Gala Hall, the year of the two sessions, today two will serve as a “old note” reported by the national two sessions for you how to diagram Going to the Beijing Great Hall to listen to the Prime Minister as a government work report for you this is a reporter certificate of the 13th National Peoples Congress. In order to protect privacy■…▪, the key part has played mosaic. There are many kinds of recorders, which is just a common. In addition, there are foreign journalists, Hong Kong and Macao reporter certificates○★●, etc. The recorder has different types, the color is different, and the permissions are different. Key to see the numbers in the lower right corner. For example, this card is △=▲△”3▼○●”, which means only 3 layers of the Great Hall of the People▲◇-. But numbers are “1” or “2”, and “23”••◆, etc., differe?