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continuous filamen:Each “Naj Brout” on the grassland – visiting the development of the Inner Mongolia Human Rights Center, China Youth Daily, Zhongqing Net reporter entered the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, visiting the development of human rights in recent years■◆◇. As the first established minority autonomous region in New China, since 2016▪●=◁, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has coordinated the economic, political□◆, social■□◇☆, cultural▽☆□○, cultural, economic, political, social, cultural, and coordinated by the Ministry of Human Rights, the right to survive, and the right to investigate the rights and development rights. , Environmental rights○□=, promoting peoples comprehensive development…◁. “Remedy Project•○” helps the minors involved in the universities of the right track, the psychological counsel evaluation room, the psychological counsel room … Zhongqing report · Zhongqing◁●☆.com reporter visited Tongliao Ci◁•▲○!

On the 100th anniversary of the party▪…○=, party history learning education should pay attention to the use of learning, to promote▼◇○◁, and act as. All local departments should closely integrate party history education and “I do practical things for the people▼•◆▷”•▼, focus on the people, mental, pay attention=■☆○, things, and find the key, the disease. Take the “joint■◆▲, protect, declare”, and improve the traffic efficiency of urban area○▪○…. Leading cadres must closely focus on the convenient and safe travel issues of the masses-△, and promote the joint treatment of street traffic security issues. One is the joint defense. Implement the safety hotspots, traffic blockers◇☆-, and key regions =◆△”1 point”, “the normalization jointly carry out public security traffic remediation. The second is to protect the medicine★□■. For primary and secondary schools, traffic blocks around the hospit○….

Zhongxin Net Changsha May 28th (Liu Man) “The key to manufacturing high-quality development is intelligent manufacturing. Sany is a whole companys force to implement the digital transformation of enterprises.▷…•” Hunan Provincial Private Economic Union Work Conference and private The economic high-quality development conference was held in Changsha in the afternoon of Changsha, and the president of the Party Committee of the Three Group Co.●△○, Ltd▼••., the president of the Sany Heavy Workers Co.△▷, Ltd., sent a speech at the meeting, and three will put digital, intelligent transformation, and help Hunan implements the “Three High School▼◆▪□” strategy as a major premise▪◇, large logic, and give full play to the advantages of advanced manufacturing leading enterprises■□▷-, leading to the high-quality development of manufacturing and innovation. Three episod…■.

Original title: (environment) target lock headliner material! “Winning the Blue Sky Defense War Three-Year Action Plan” is about to implement Xinhua News Agency, Beijing June 20 (Reporter Liu Shiping) Zhao Yingmin, deputy director of the Ecological Environment Department•▼□, held a policy routine blowing in the State Councils press office on the 20th●…▲, “win win The Blue Sky Defense Three-Year Action Plan will be issued in the near future…•. The overall goal is that after three years of efforts, the total amount of main atmospheric pollutant emissions is greatly reduced, and the greenhouse gas emissions are greatly reduced, and the PM2.5 concentration is further significantly reduced. The number of pollution days, significantly improve the quality of the environment, and significantly enhance the peoples blue sky▪•☆. The Ecological Environment will be proposed in the three-year action plan prepared by the relevant departments. It focuses on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the surrounding area, the Yangtze River Delta region, the plains and other areas, continue to implement the atmospher.

Original title: Peninsula Peace and Chinas efforts are unlike (Wanghai Building) Su Xiaomei shall invite the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and the National Chairman Xi Jinping, and Jin Zheng, member of the Communist Party of China, and the State Council of the State Council on March 25th to 28th•▽. access. On the morning of March 28…-★, the Media Media almost published relevant news and active evaluated this visit. Many Western media have been surprised by Jin Zhengn ◁●”sudden△◆••” visit China▷•. Indeed, Chinas high-level interaction, so that the so-called peninsula “China is unused”, ●◁★•”Chinas Ben Station”-▼•◇, etc., the beginning of this year, will not attack★•. In fact, Chinas responsible big country played by China has been obvious to the positive and positive affirmation. On March 9, US President Trump is powered by President Xi Jinpin●◇.sustainable textile manufacturers – innovativtex recycled lycra fabric medical textiles,