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performance fabric:Original title: China about 1/4 ovarian cancer patients have BRCA gene mutation experts recommended high-risk people to detect new Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Xiulan) actor Angelina Jolie accepts ovaries and fallopian tube preventive resection surgery to let BRCA genes enter the public vision Today (March 6) released “Sudentably, the unknown” BRCA Ovarian Cancer Charity Care Project (hereinafter referred to as Sudoku Project) showed that about 1/4 of Chinas ovarian cancer patients carry BRCA embryo mutation. The auditor is initiated by the China Womens Development Foundation, Aslikang■☆-, China◇▽▷, Fushi Medical Support. Since its launch, the project has been launched in 14 cities across the country, and 1091 patients with ovarian cancer have been submitted, and a total of 983 patients are freely based on whit★▪•.

Original title: Famous theoretical physicist Li Wei△△: 33 years ago▽…▼, I looked at Huojin. My Plan-▪◆. For the Chinese science community▼-▽◆, from the 1970s, several generations of Chinese researchers were deeply affected▪★•. “Hawking is the scientist in Einsteins most influence on the public society. This is an unlawful factual▷-“, and Li Wei▽-▽, Physicologist, said to the cover newspaper, ▼★”He died, everyones Weibo and friends circle ▪◁★-“Li Wei is the famous theoretical physicist in China◇•▪. He is currently the dean of Astronomical and Space Science Research Institute of Sun Yat-sen University. His professional research is included in super string theory, cosmology and particle physics. He once saw Hawki four times◇▲★. li.

Original title: The Yellow River has a late Oasis – Three generations of the three generations to cultivate the story of the plain Linhai Source: Guangming Daily Guangming Daily reporter Wang Shengxi Ding Yan Guangming Daily correspondent Zhang Zengfeng is another year spring. Standing in the north of Henan Province, the north of Henan Province▼•▷, looking into the northwestern direction□☆, only the northwestern direction of the Yellow River–, the trees have begun to take the buds, the big green is pleasing, this green ocean is a famous Shenkan Lin=▷. Open the map of Henan, and there is a deep green shop in Yu, Lu,, 皖, 四 省. More than 100 years ago•◇☆, Jiuqu Yellow River suddenly decided here, and Daqinghe rolled into the sea, leaving a thousand miles of Yellow River…◁, and left a vast dune. Since 1950, in 68 years☆△-★, the three generations a!

Original title: “Zhongnanhai female painter” special tasks at the national two sessions from the National Peoples Congress from Sichuan delegation, 16 representatives of He Xuebin, Vice President of Meishan City☆-, Sichuan Province○☆▲○, submitted to the General Assembly ▪□◇■”About the New Era” “National Lei Feng Cultural Alliance” Suggestions “○□. It is suggested that the spirit of Lei Feng encountered a difficult situation in the current dissemination of society, and should be the management mechanism of the •▽”National Lei Feng Culture Alliance▲…☆◆” and included in the Central Management System of the Communist Youth League◇▲–. According to media reports△◇▼, the female representative of this proposal is submitted to the “special task○△▷-“, which is often “passenger string” during the two sessions, and introduces other representatives in various settles, the paintings of the venue○▪□○. Because there are many paintings, it is from her pen. Public upcycle plastic polyester – recycled lycra fabric. automotive textile manufacturers Recycling!